Contested Place of Religion in Family Law

Contested Place of Religion in Family Law

Wilson, Robin Fretwell (University of Illinois)

Cambridge University Press






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Examines clashes over religious liberty spanning the life cycle of families - from birth to death.
Foreword Senator Orrin Hatch; Introduction Robin Fretwell Wilson; Part I. The Foundations and Boundaries of Religious Liberty: 1. The risky business of RFRAs after Hobby Lobby Elizabeth Sepper; 2. Religion and the family in the wake of Hobby Lobby Michael A. Helfand; Part II. Religious Claims at Birth: 3. Religious exceptionalism and religiously motivated harm Michele Bratcher Goodwin; 4. Contraceptive access and religious liberty: can we afford to protect both? Mark L. Rienzi; 5. The contraceptive-coverage cases and the problem of politicized free-exercise lawsuits Gregory M. Lipper; 6. The substantial burden question: secular tools for secular courts Michael A. Helfand; 7. Coming soon to a court near you: male circumcision in religious families in Europe and the United States Eric Rassbach; Part III. Religious Claims in Childrearing: 8. The easiest accommodation: abandoning other people's children to their parents' religious views James G. Dwyer; 9. Marriage agreements and religious family life Brian H. Bix; 10. Religious parents who divorce Margaret F. Brinig; 11. Regulating the relationship between parents: moving beyond marriage and custody law Merle H. Weiner; 12. Bad faith: when religious beliefs imperil children Paul A. Offit; 13. By faith alone: when religious beliefs and child welfare collide Robin Fretwell Wilson and Shaakirrah Sanders; Part IV. Rethinking Marriage after Obergefell: 14. After Obergefell: locating the contemporary state interest in marriage Kari E. Hong; 15. Transformational marriage: how to end the culture wars over same-sex marriage Robin B. Kar; 16. Divorcing marriage and the state post-Obergefell Robin Fretwell Wilson; 17. Why no polygamy John Witte, Jr; 18. Scrutinizing polygamy under religious freedom restoration acts Maura Irene Strassberg; Part V. Religious Claims at End of Life: 19. Religion and advance medical directives: formulation and enforcement implications Richard L. Kaplan; 20. Personal religious identity at the end of life Naomi Cahn and Reverend Amy Ziettlow; Part VI. Shaping the Legal Culture of the Family: 21. Taking colliding trains off a collision path: lessons from the Utah compromise for civil society J. Stuart Adams; 22. Family law and civil rights movements: examining the influence of courts and legislatures on racial and sexual orientation equality Anthony Michael Kreis; 23. Latter-day constitutionalism: sexuality, gender, and Mormons William N. Eskridge, Jr; Part VII. International Perspectives: 24. The future of marriage in secular societies Patrick M. Parkinson; 25. A tale of fragmentation and intertwinement: the sacred and the secular systems for forming and dissolving marriages in Israel Karin Carmit Yefet and Arianne Renan Barzilay; 26. Religious modesty for women and girls: a comparative analysis of legal protections in France and the United States Asma T. Uddin.
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