Clergy in the Medieval World

Clergy in the Medieval World

Secular Clerics, their Families and Careers in North-Western Europe, c.800-c.1200

Barrow, Julia

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction; 2. The clerical office, grades of ordination and clerical careers; 3. Rules for life: monastic influence on the secular clergy; 4. Clergy as family men: uncles and nephews, fathers and sons among the clergy; 5. The fostering of child clerics: commendation and nutritio; 6. The education of the cleric, I: schools; 7. The education of the cleric, II: schoolmasters, curricula and the role of education in clerical careers; 8. Household service and patronage; 9. Clergy of cathedral and collegiate churches; 10. Clergy serving local churches, 800-1200: the emergence of parish clergy; Conclusion.
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