City of Babylon

City of Babylon

A History, c. 2000 BC - AD 116

Dalley, Stephanie

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; List of illustrations and maps; Timeline; Chart of ancient languages; 1. Land and peoples: an introduction; 2. Discoveries and excavations; 3. First kings, to the great rebellion c.1894-1732; 4. Law, education, literature: the path to supremacy; 5. From the great rebellion to the end of the first dynasty c.1732-1592; 6. The next 6 centuries: Kassite, Sealander, and Elamite kings: c.1593-979; 7. In the shadow of Assyria 978-625; 8. Independence under soldier-kings, from Nabopolassar to Nebuchadnezzar II 625-562; 9. Nabonidus, Cyrus II The great, and Cambyses 556-522; 10. Part I from Darius I to Darius III 521-331; Part II Alexander III of Macedon, The Great, and Civil War 331-c.129; Part III Seleucus I to the first parthian conquest; 11. First parthian conquest 141 BC to the visit of trajan in AD 116; Appendix. Genesis 14:1-16 and possible links with foreign rulers early in the reign of Hammurabi; Bibliography; Index.
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