Church and the Law: Volume 56

Church and the Law: Volume 56

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Preface; List of contributors; List of abbreviations; List of illustrations; Introduction Rosamond McKitterick; 1. The Church and the Law in the Early Middle Ages (Presidential Address) Rosamond McKitterick; 2. 'Cherchez la femme!' Heresy and Law in Late Antiquity Caroline Humfress; 3. God's Judgement in Carolingian Law and History Writing (President's Prize) Robert A. H. Evans; 4. The Political Background to the Establishment of the Slavic Nomocanon in the Thirteenth Century Marija Koprivica; 5. General Excommunications of Unknown Malefactors: Conscience, Community and Investigations in England, c.1150-1350 Felicity Hill; 6. The Procedure and Practice of Witness Testimony in English Ecclesiastical Courts, c.1193-1300 Sarah White; 7. The Bishops and the Deposition of Edward II Samuel Lane; 8. Kings' Courts and Bishops' Administrations in Fourteenth-Century England: A Study in Cooperation Alison K. McHardy; 9. Arbitration, Delegation, Conservation: Marginalized Mechanisms for Dispute Resolution in the Pre-Reformation English Church R. N. Swanson; 10. Perjury in Early Tudor England Paul Cavill; 11. Conscience and the King's Household Clergy in the Early Tudor Court of Requests Laura Flannigan; 12. Restoration of Deprived Clergy during the 1559 Royal Visitation of the Eastern Dioceses Ralph Houlbrooke; 13. Adiaphora, Luther and the Material Culture of Worship Andrew Spicer; 14. A Godly Law? Bulstrode Whitelocke, Puritanism and the Common Law in Seventeenth-Century England Jacqueline Rose; 15. 'Very knaves besides': Catholic Print and the Enforcers of the 1662 Licensing Act in Restoration England Chelsea Reutcke; 16. Protestant Dissent and the Law: Enforcement and Persecution, 1662-72 David L. Wykes; 17. The House of Lords and Religious Toleration in Scotland: James Greenshields's Appeal, 1709-11 Ben Rogers; 18. Toleration and Repression: German States, the Law and the 'Sects' in the long Nineteenth Century Manfred Henke; 19. The Social and Legal Reception of Illegitimate Births in the Gurk Valley, Austria, 1868-1945 Catherine Sumnall; 20. Keeping up with the Chinese: Constituting and Reconstituting the Anglican Church in South China, 1897-1951 Tim Yung; 21. The Church of England and the Legislative Reforms of 1828-32: Revolution or Adjustment? Nicholas Dixon; 22. The Decline of the Clerical Magistracy in the Nineteenth-Century English Midlands John W. B. Tomlinson; 23. Debating the Legal Status of the Ornaments Rubric: Ritualism and Royal Commissions in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century England (Kennedy Prize) Dan D. Cruickshank; 24. 'The day of compromise is past': The Oxford Free Churches and 'Passive Resistance' to the 1902 Education Act Martin Wellings; 25. The Chancellors' Dilemma: The Impact of the First World War on Faculty Jurisdiction Anne C. Brook; 26. Freedom of Religion and the Legal Status of Churches: A Case Study from the Serbian Constitutional Court Tijana Surlan; 27. History, Sacred History and Law at the Intersection of Law, Religion and History Peter Edge.
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