Challenge of Inter-Legality

Challenge of Inter-Legality


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1. Introduction: situating inter-legality Jan Klabbers and Gianluigi Palombella; Part I. Opening the Field: 2. 'Formats' of law and their intertwining Gianluigi Palombella; 3. Summum Ius, Summa Inuria: critical reflections on issues of responsibility, the legal form, inter-legality, and the limits of law Friedrich Kratochwil; 4. Between or beyond legal orders: questioning the concept of legal order Sanne Taekema; Part II. Realities and Inter-legality Questions: 5. Why and what (state) jurisdiction: legal pluralism, individual equality and territorial legitimacy Samantha Besson; 6. Inter-legality - citizenship - inter-citizenship Dimitry Kochenov; 7. Trade and inter-legality Antonello Tancredi; 8. Inter-legality and the protection of marine ecosystems Laura Pineschi; 9. Managing inter-legality: conceptualizing the EU's interactions with international investment law Panos Koutrakos; 10. The perils of complacency: the European human rights backlash Andras Sajo and Sergio Guiliano; 11. Inter-legality and criminal law Alberto di Martino; Part III. Shaping Inter-Legality: 12. Shaping inter-legality: the role of administrative law techniques and their implications Edoardo Chiti; 13. Global law as inter-contextuality and as inter-legality Poul Kjaer; 14. International courts as inter-legality hubs Yuval Shany; 15. Judging inter-legality Jan Klabbers; 16. Theory, realities and promises of inter-legality: a manifesto Gianluigi Palombella; Bibliography; Index.