Cambridge World History of Genocide: Volume 3, Genocide in the Contemporary Era, 1914-2020

Cambridge World History of Genocide: Volume 3, Genocide in the Contemporary Era, 1914-2020

Kiernan, Ben; Naimark, Norman; Straus, Scott; Lower, Wendy

Cambridge University Press






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List of Illustrations; List of Maps; List of Contributors; Introduction to Volume III Ben Kiernan, Wendy Lower, Norman Naimark and Scott Straus; Part I. Racism, Total War, Imperial Collapse and Revolution: 1. Prelude to genocide: humanitarianism, racism and antisemitism in the early twentieth century Ben Kiernan; 2. War and genocide in the twentieth century Jay Winter; 3. The Armenian genocide: an overview Taner Akcam; 4. Australia's stolen generations, 1914-2021 Joanna Cruickshank and Crystal McKinnon; 5. Eurocentrism, silence, and memory of genocide in colonial Libya, 1929-1934 Ali Ahmida; 6. Spain 1936-1945: coup d'etat and genocidal practices in the destruction of 'anti-Spain' Antonio Miguez Macho; 7. Genocide in Stalinist Russia and Ukraine, 1930-1938 Norman Naimark; 8. The famine in Soviet Kazakhstan Sarah Isabel Cameron; Part II. World War Two: 9. From persecution to genocide: the evolution of the Nazi anti-Jewish policy (1938-1942) Florent Brayard; 10. Systematic and ad hoc persecution and mass murder in the Holocaust: killings in Eastern Europe outside the Camps Mary Fulbrook; 11. Jewish life and death under Nazi rule across Europe and around the globe Deborah Dwork; 12. The Nazi camps and killing centres Dieter Pohl; 13. State violence during World War II Raz Segal; 14. The genocide of the Romani people in Europe Jennifer Illuzzi; 15. The Nazis and the slavs: poles and Soviet POWs Norman Naimark; 16. The Nanjing massacre Yuki Tanaka; Part III. The Nation-state System During the Cold War: 17. Genocide in Latin America, 1950-2000 Daniel Feierstein and Lucrecia Molinari; 18. China under Mao, 1949-1976 Frank Dikoetter; 19. Half a century of genocide and extermination: Indonesia, 1965-66, East Timor, 1975-99, and West Papua, 1963-2020 Geoffrey Robinson; 20. Secession and genocide in the Republic of Biafra, 1966-70 Samuel Fury Childs Daly; 21. Bangladesh, 1971 Gary Bass; 22. The genocides in Cambodia, 1975-1979 Ben Kiernan; 23. The Guatemalan genocide Roddy Brett; 24. Mass violence and the Kurds: from the late Ottoman empire to ISIS Ugur UEmit UEngoer; 25. Vulnerable peoples in the contemporary era: an overview Mark Levene; Part IV. Globalization and Genocide since the Cold War: 26. Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1992-1995 Edina Becirevic; 27. The Rwandan genocide in context Scott Straus; 28. Genocides in the Sudans Clemence Pinaud; 29. Elements of genocidal ideology in Al Qaeda and its offshoots, including Islamic State Hayat Alvi; 30. The Yazidi genocide Sareta Ashraph; 31. Genocide in Myanmar: the assault on the Rohingya, 2010-2019 Azeem Ibrahim; 32. A short history of genocide prevention across the long twentieth century Scott Straus; Index.
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