Cambridge World History of Genocide: Volume 1, Genocide in the Ancient, Medieval and Premodern Worlds

Cambridge World History of Genocide: Volume 1, Genocide in the Ancient, Medieval and Premodern Worlds

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List of illustrations; List of maps; List of tables; Contributors; Acknowledgements; General editor's introduction to the series: Genocide. Its causes, components, connections and continuing challenges Ben Kiernan; Introduction to volume I T. M. Lemos, Tristan S. Taylor and Ben Kiernan; Part I. Themes of Genocide through History: 1. Genocide before the state? Helle Vandkilde; 2. The religion-genocide nexus Steven L. Jacobs; 3. Genocide and gender: dynamics and consequences Adam Jones and Wendy Lower; 4. Genocide, starvation and famine Bridget Conley and Alex de Waal; 5. Climate, violence and ethnic conflict in the ancient world Francis Ludlow, Chris Morris and Conor Kostick; Part II. The Ancient World: 6. Genocide in ancient Israelite and early Jewish sources T. M. Lemos; 7. Genocide in ancient Mesopotamia during the Bronze and Iron Ages T. M. Lemos and Seth Richardson; 8. Urbicide in the Ancient Greek world, 480-330 BCE Paul Cartledge; 9. Violence, emotions and justice in the Hellenistic period Michael Champion; 10. A tale of three cities: the Roman destruction of Carthage, Corinth and Numantia Tristan S. Taylor; 11. Caesar's Gallic genocide: a case study in ancient mass violence Tristan S. Taylor; 12. Genocidal perspectives in the Roman Empire's approach towards the Jews Gil Gambash; 13. Religious violence in the later Roman Empire: the Tetrarchic persecutions, 302-313 CE Carl J. Rice; 14. Genocide, extermination and mass killing in Chinese history Victoria Tin-bor Hui; Part III. The Medieval World and Early Imperial Expansions: 15. William the Conqueror's harrying of the North, 1069-70: What, if not genocide? C. P. Lewis; 16. Genocidal massacres of Jews in Medieval Western Europe (1096-1392) Maya Soifer Irish; 17. Crusaders and mass killing at Jerusalem in 1099 Thomas A. Fudge; 18. The Albigensian Crusade and the early inquisitions into heretical depravity, 1208-1246 Mark Gregory Pegg; 19. Mongol genocides of the thirteenth century Timothy May; 20. Viet Nam and the genocide of Champa, 1470-1509 George Dutton; 21. Genocidal massacres in Medieval India Raziuddin Aquil; 22. Mass extermination in prehistoric Andean South America Danielle Kurin; 23. The Spanish destruction of the Canary Islands: a template for the Caribbean genocide Igor Perez Tostado; 24. Genocidal massacres in the Spanish conquest of the Americas: Xaragua, Cholula, and Toxcatl (1503-1519) Harald E. Braun; Index.
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