Cambridge Legal History of Australia

Cambridge Legal History of Australia

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1. Editor's introduction Peter Cane, Lisa Ford and Mark Macmillan; Part I. Cultures of Law: 2. Plural Legal orders: concept and practice Shaunnagh Dorsett; 3. English legal culture in the late 18th century: institutions and values David Lieberman; 4. Lawful Mary Spiers Williams; Part II. Public Authority: 5. Colonial settlement to colony Bruce Kercher; 6. Colonial self government Ann Curthoys and Jessie Mitchell; 7. Federation Brendan Lim; 8. Constitutionalism in Australia Cheryl Saunders; 9. Indigenous governance; 9.1 Mparntwe/Alice Springs: Towards a history of indigenous and settler jurisdictions Tim Rowse and Jennifer Green; 9.2 Gunditjmara and Ngarrindjeri: Case studies of indigenous self-government Daryle Rigney, Denis Rose, Alison Vivian, Miriam Jorgensen, Steve Hemming and Shaun Berg; Part III. Public Authorities in Encounter: 10. The challenge of indigenous polities Kirsty Gover and Eddie Cubillo; 11. Australia as empire Miranda Johnson and Cait Storr; 12. Australia and the World Coel Kirkby; Part IV. Land and Environment: 13. Settlement and dispossession Lisa Ford and David Andrew Roberts; 14. Australian land law Maureen Tehan; 15. Aboriginal land rights, subjection and the law Amanda Kearney; 16. Land justice Jason Behrendt and Sean Brennan; 17. Environment Ruth A Morgan and Judith Jones; Part V. Social Organisation: 18. Colonial law and its control of aboriginal and Torres Strait islander families Terri Libesman, Katherine Ellinghaus and Paul Gray; 19. The legal history of non-indigenous marriage Alecia Simmonds; 20. Protection regimes Amanda Nettelbeck; 21. Economic and social welfare Anne O'Brien; 22. Civil rights and indigenous people Gary Foley and Crystal McKinnon; 23. Rights Frank Bongiorno; 24. Citizenship and immigration Rayner Thwaites; Part VI. Social Ordering: 25. Criminal law and the administration of justice in early New South Wales and van diemen's land David Andrew Roberts; 26. Criminal justice after the convicts: A history of the long twentieth century Andy Kaladelfos and Alana Piper; 27. Indigenous peoples and settler criminal law Mark Finnane; 28. Civil wrongs Mark Lunney; 29. Labour law Diane Kirkby; 30. Place and race in australian copyright law: May gibbs' and albert namatjira's copyright Kathy Bowrey; Part VII: Reckonings: 31. Indigenous legal traditions and australian legal education Nicole Watson; 32. Reckoning with the past Shino Konishi.
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