Cambridge Introduction to American Poetry since 1945

Cambridge Introduction to American Poetry since 1945

Epstein, Andrew

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. American poetry since 1945; Part I. American Poetry from 1945 to 1970:; 1. The raw and the cooked: the new criticism versus the new American poetry; 2. The Black Mountain poets; 3. The beats and the San Francisco renaissance; 4. The New York school of poetry; 5. The middle generation, Elizabeth Bishop, and confessional poetry; 6. Deep image poetry; 7. African American poetry from 1945 to 1970; Part II. American Poetry from 1970 to 2000:; 8. A new 'mainstream' period style in poetry of the 1970s and 1980s; 9. Language poetry; 10. Feminism and women's poetry from 1970 to 2000; 11. Diversity, identity, and poetry from 1970 to 2000; Part III. Into the New Millennium: American Poetry from 2000 to the Present:; 12. New directions in American poetry from 2000 to the present; Conclusion.
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