Cambridge History of the Pacific Ocean: Volume 1, The Pacific Ocean to 1800

Cambridge History of the Pacific Ocean: Volume 1, The Pacific Ocean to 1800


Cambridge University Press






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General Editor's Introduction Paul D'Arcy; Preface to Volume I Matt Matsuda and Ryan Tucker Jones; Part I. Rethinking the Pacific: 1. Te Moana nui a Kiwa: The original ocean Witi Ihimaera; 2. The Pacific region in deep time David Christian;3. The history of humans and whales in the Pacific: Leviathan's families Ryan Tucker Jones;4. Weaving women's stories: Restoring women and indigenous perspectives into chuukese history Myjolynne Kim;5. The Pacific world: Doing history from lagoons to the deep Judith A. Bennett; Part II. Humans and the Natural World in the Pacific Ocean:6. Indigenous knowledge/science of climate and the natural world Chels Alby Marshall;7. Atolls, experiments, and the origin of islands: Science as a way of knowing the Pacific since 1766 Alistair Sponsel; 8. The birth and development of Pacific islands to 1800 CE Chris Lobban and Maria Schefter; 9. Natural hazards, risks, and peoples in the Pacific world Paul D'Arcy and Cynthia Neri Zayas; Part III. Deep Time: Sources for the Ancient History of the Pacific:10. Biological anthropology and genetics in Pacific history Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith;11. The word as artefact: What linguistics can and cannot tell us about the prehistory of the Pacific Paul Geraghty;12. Oral traditions in Pacific history Morgan Tuimaleali'ifano and Paul D'Arcy;13. The evolution of Pacific island societies Gregory Waula Bablis;14. Ancient voyaging capacity in the Pacific: Lessons for the future Peter Nuttall, Simon Penny, Marianne 'Mimi' George, and Sylvia C. Frain;15. Revitalizing 'traditional' navigation systems in the contemporary Pacific Larry Raigetal; Part IV. The Initial Colonization of the Pacific:16. Pleistocene voyaging and maritime dispersals in the Pacific Jon M. Erlandson;17. Early maritime trade and cultures from Southern China: Taiwan to the Philippines, 6000 to 2000 BCE Hsiao-chun Hung;18 New guinea's past: The last 50,000 years Glenn R. Summerhayes;19. Austronesian colonization of the Pacific islands, 1000 BCE-1250 CE Stuart Bedford;20. Seafaring and colonization in the Southern Ocean, 1000 CE-1850 CE Atholl Anderson;21.Polynesians in Central-South Chile: Sailing eastwards Jose Miguel Ramirez-Aliaga; Part V. The evolution of Pacific communities: 22. Towards a unified theory for Pacific colonization, exchange, and social complexity Matthew Spriggs; 23. The evolution of China's political economy of the sea, 960-1900 Kent Deng; 24. China and the sea in literature, 1644-1839 Ronald C. Po; 25. Pacific history viewed from Eastern Indonesia: The eastern archipelago of southeast Asia and the sea in the early modern period 1400-1830's Leonard Y. Andaya; 26. The maritime cultures of the northwest Pacific seaboard of the Americas Madonna L. Moss; 27. Mesoamerican-south American Pre-Columbian Pacific contacts: Evidence, objects and traditions, 1500 BCE-1532 CE Andrea Ballesteros Danel and Antonio Jaramillo Arango; Part VI. Europe's Maritime Expansion into the Pacific: 28. Iberian conceptions of the Pacific Rainer F. Buschmann and David Manzano Cosano; 29. Naval rivalry in the Western Pacific: Portugal, England, Holland, and Koxinga, 1600-1720 Dahpon Ho; 30. The resurgence of Chinese mercantile power in maritime East Asia, 1500-1700 Xing Hang; 31. The enduring sea cultures of Southeast Asia, seventh-nineteenth centuries CE Jennifer L. Gaynor; Bibliography to Volume I; Index.
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