Cambridge History of the Napoleonic Wars: Volume 1, Politics and Diplomacy

Cambridge History of the Napoleonic Wars: Volume 1, Politics and Diplomacy


Cambridge University Press






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List of Figures; List of Maps; List of Contributors to Volume I; Acknowledgements; General Introduction Alan Forrest; Introduction to Volume I Michael Broers and Philip Dwyer; Part I. The Origins of the Napoleonic Wars: 1. Great Power Politics in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century Horst Carl; 2. British Colonial Politics in an Age of European War and Creole Rebellion Bruce Lenman; 3. War in the Eighteenth Century Jeremy Black; 4. The Age of Revolutions: Napoleon Bonaparte Annie Jourdan; 5. From Cosmopolitanism to la Grande Nation: French Revolutionary Diplomacy, 1789-1802 Peter McPhee; 6. The French Revolutionary Wars Lynn Hunt; Part II. Napoleon and His Empire: 7. The Bonapartes Michael Broers; 8. The Napoleonic Elites Isser Woloch; 9. Administration, Police and Governance Michael Rowe; 10. Law, Justice, Policing and Punishment Xavier Rousseaux and Antoine Renglet; 11. Napoleonic Wars and Economic Imperialism Silvia Marzagalli; 12. Napoleon and The Church Ambrogio Caiani; 13. Napoleon's Client States Nicola Todorov; Part III. War Aims: 14. French Preponderance and the European System Thierry Lentz; 15. Habsburg Grand Strategy in the Napoleonic Wars Charles Ingrao and John Fahey; 16. Prussian Foreign Policy and War Aims, 1790-1815 Sam Mustafa and Samantha Sproviero; 17. British War Aims, 1793-815 John Bew and Jacqueline Reiter; 18. Alexander I's Objectives in the Franco-Russian Wars, 1801-1815 Marie-Pierre Rey; 19. Ottoman War Aims Virginia Aksan; 20. Spain and Portugal Emilio La Parra; 21. War Aims: Scandinavia Rasmus Glenthoj; Bibliographical Essays; Index.
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