Cambridge History of the Napoleonic Wars: Volume 3, Experience, Culture and Memory

Cambridge History of the Napoleonic Wars: Volume 3, Experience, Culture and Memory


Cambridge University Press






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List of Figures; List of Maps; List of Contributors to Volume III; Introduction to Volume III Alan Forrest and Peter Hicks; Part I. The Experience of War: 1. The Soldiers' Experience of War Leighton S. James; 2. Military Values: Heroism and Masculinity Michael J. Hughes; 3. Military Medicine Martin R. Howard; 4. Women and the Home Front Catriona Kennedy; 5. Prisoners of War Elodie Duche; Part II. The Experience of Imperial Rule: 6. Blockade and Economic Warfare Katherine Aaslestad; 7. Crossing Borders: Encounters with the Other Mike Rapport; 8. Popular Resistance: The Case of Napoleonic Italy Michael Broers; 9. Collaboration: The Case of the Duchy of Warsaw Jaroslaw Czubaty; 10. Military Resistance: Desertion Alan Forrest; 11. Liberation: Myth and Reality in Germany Ute Planert; Part III. War, Culture and Memory; 12. Memoirs and the Communication of Memory Philip Dwyer and Matilda Greig; 13. Festivals, Ceremonies and Public Commemorations Philip Dwyer; 14. The Portrayal of Heroism Richard Taws; 15. The Fine Arts and the Napoleonic Wars David O'Brien; 16. Poets and Novelists: Writing the Memory of War Philip Shaw; 17. Political Keyboard Music in Revolutionary and Napoleonic France: 'The Battle' Peter Hicks; 18. The Napoleonic Wars in Caricature Pascal Dupuy; 19. The Napoleonic Wars in European Cinema Wolfgang Koller; 20. Nostalgia, or a Ruin with a View Peter A. Fritzsche; Part IV. The Aftermath and Legacy of the Wars: 21. Demobilization, Veterans and Civil Society after the Empire in France Natalie Petiteau; 22. The Impact of the Napoleonic Wars on Europe's Nineteenth-Century Gender Order Karen Hagemann; 23. Jomini, Clausewitz and the Theory of War Hew Strachan; 24. The Legacy of Counter-Revolution: Conservative Ideology and Legitimism in France Ambrogio A. Caiani; 25. Bonapartism Robert Alexander; 26. The Legacy of the Wars for the International System Beatrice de Graff; 27. The Dislocation of the Global Hispanic World Graciela Iglesias Rogers; 28. Global Empire: Britain's Century, 1815-1914 Gregory Fremont-Barnes; 29. The Napoleonic Wars and Realms of Memory in Europe Nicoletta Marini D'Armenia and Luigu Mascilli Migliorini; Bibliographical Essays; Index.
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