Cambridge History of the Napoleonic Wars: Volume 2, Fighting the Napoleonic Wars

Cambridge History of the Napoleonic Wars: Volume 2, Fighting the Napoleonic Wars


Cambridge University Press






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List of Figures; List of Maps; List of Tables; List of Contributors to Volume II; Introduction to Volume II; Part I. The Nature of Warfare in the Napoleonic Era; 23. Military Strategy and Tactics Bruno Colson; 24. Siege Warfare Bruno Colson; 25. Small Wars and Guerrilla Fighting John Lawrence Tone; 26. Maritime Warfare Andrew Lambert; Part II. The State of the Armed Forces; 27. Napoleon's Grande Armee Jean-Francois Brun; 28. The Austrian Army Ilya Berkovich; 29. The Prussian Army Michael Sikora; 30. The Russian Army Dominic Lieven; 31. The British Army Gregory Fremont-Barnes; 32. The Royal Navy Stephen Conway; 33. The French Navy Kenneth Johnson; Part III. Raising and Supplying the Armies; 34. Logistics and Supply Jeremy Black, Frederick Schneid, Alexander Mikaberidze and John H. Gill; 35. Arms and Weaponry Gareth Glover; 36. Funding War (1): Napoleonic France Pierre Branda; 37. Funding War (2): Britain Roger Knight; 38. Funding War (3): The Habsburg Empire Patrick Swoboda; Part IV. Napoleon's Military Campaigns in Europe; 39. Napoleon's Italian Campaigns, 1796-1800 Frederick Schneid; 40. The Ulm and Austerlitz Campaigns, 1805 Jacques Garnier and Alexander Mikaberidze; 41. The Campaign of 1806-07 in Prussia and Poland Frederick Schneid; 42. The Peninsular War, 1808-14 Charles Esdaile; 43. The 1809 Campaign against Austria John H. Gill; 44. The Russian Campaign of 1812 Alex Mikaberidze; 45. The 1813 Campaign in Central Europe Michael Leggiere; 46. The Campagne de France of 1814 Michael Leggiere; 47. The Hundred Days and Waterloo, 1815 Tim Clayton; Part V. Other Spheres of War; 48. The Napoleonic Wars in Scandinavia Morten Nordhagen Ottosen; 49. The War at Sea: Trafalgar and Beyond James Davey; 50. Haiti, Slavery and the War in the Caribbean Philippe Girard; 51. The Egyptian Campaign and the Middle East Alexander Chudinov; 52. War and Piracy in the Atlantic World Scott Eastman; 53. The War of 1812 in the United States Troy Bickham; 54. The First Total War? The Place of the Napoleonic Wars in the History of Warfare David A. Bell; Bibliographical Essays; Index.
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