Cambridge History of the European Union: Volume 1, European Integration Outside-In

Cambridge History of the European Union: Volume 1, European Integration Outside-In

Segers, Mathieu; Van Hecke, Steven

Cambridge University Press






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Reflections on the history and historiography of European integration Mathieu Segers and Steven Van Hecke; Part I. Critical Junctures: 1. The emergence of a divided world and a divisible west Kenneth Weisbrode; 2. European integration and the temporary division of Germany Henning Tuerk; 3. Europe, decolonisation and the challenge of developing countries Guia Migani; 4. European integration and globalisation since the 1970s Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol; 5. A Europe of reunification? Stefania Bernini and Jan Zielonka; 6. Moderately failing forward: the EU in the years 2004-2019 Ferenc Laczo; Part II. Multilateralism and Geopolitics: 7. A pillar of the golden age? European integration and the Trente Glorieuses Antonio Varsori and Lorenzo Mechi; 8. The end of Bretton Woods: origins and European consequences Martin Daunton; 9. The vicissitudes of market Europe Gilles Grin; 10. European integration and the challenges of free movement Mathilde Unger; 11. The EU as a global trade power Kolja Raube; 12. The enduring relationship between NATO and European integration Luca Ratti; 13. European integration and the United Nations Edith Drieskens; 14. The European nuclear dimension: from Cold War to post-Cold War Leopoldo Nuti; 15. From 'Helsinki' and development aid to multipolar hard ball Angela Romano; 16. European integration, the environment and climate change Katja Biedenkopf and Tom Delreux; 17. The space policy of the European Union Emmanuel Sigalas; Part III. Perspectives and Ideas: 18. Researching the Eurocrats Cris Shore and Renita Thedvall; 19. Elite networks of allegiance Giles Scott-Smith; 20. The multi-dimensional nature of public EU attitudes Claes H. de Vreese, Andreas C. Goldberg and Anna Brosius; 21. Ideas of Europe: a view from inside-out, the 1880s to the 1910s (and beyond) Matthew D'Auria; 22. Beginning with culture: a certain idea of Europe Joep Leerssen; 23. The European union and memory Ana Milosevic; 24. European culture(s) Markus Thiel; 25. The catholic narrative of European integration Madalena Meyer Resende; 26. European integration and the churches Sergei A. Mudrov; Index.
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