Cambridge History of Socialism

Cambridge History of Socialism

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction to Volume II Marcel van der Linden; Part I. Transforming State-Power; Section 1. Social Democratic Routes in Europe: 1. Social Democracy in Germany Stefan Berger and Thomas Welskopp; 2. Social Democracy in Austria Helmut Konrad; 3. Social Democracy in Sweden Jenny Andersson; 4. The British Labour Party John Callaghan; 5. Social Democracy in Georgia Ronald Grigor Suny; 6. The General Jewish Workers' Bund Jack Jacobs; Section 2. Social Democratic Routes in Australia, the Americas and Asia: 7. The Australian Labor Party Frank Bongiorno and Sean Scalmers; 8. Social Democracy in Argentina Lucas Poy; 9. The Partido dos Trabalhadores in Brazil Marcelo Badaro Mattos; 10. Still small voice: the persistence of the social-democratic idea in United States history Leon Fink; 11. Social Democracy in Japan Alexander Brown; Section 3. Worldwide Connections: 12. The Second International (1889-1914) Jean-Numa Ducange; 13. The Second International Reconstituted: the Labour and Socialist International (1923-1940) Reiner Tosstorff; 14. The rise and fall of the Asian Socialist Conference (1952-56) Su Lin Lewis; 15. The Socialist International (1951-) and the Progressive Alliance (2013-) Talbot Imlay; 16. Municipal socialism Shelton Stromquist; Section 4. Southern Trajectories: 17. Socialism, Zionism, and settler colonialism in Israel/Palestine Joel Beinin; 18. Socialism in India Madhavan K. Palat; 19. The Lanka Sama Samaja Party Jayadeva Uyangoda; 20. African Socialism Emma Hunter; 21. Arab Socialism Abdel Razzaq Takriti and Hicham Safieddine; 22. Chavismo: revolutionary Bolivarianism in Venezuela Dario Azzellini; Section 5. Left Socialisms: 23. The London Bureau Willy Buschak; 24. European left-socialist parties since the 1950s Knut Kjeldstadli; 25. The New Left as a global current since the late 1950s Gerd-Rainer Horn; Part II. Transversal Perspectives: 26. Socialism and colonialism Reinhart Koessler; 27. Socialism, gender and the emancipation of women Susan Zimmermann; 28. Socialism and ecology Ted Benton; 29. Crises and futures of social democracy Goeran Therborn.
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