Cambridge History of Socialism

Cambridge History of Socialism

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction to Volume I Marcel van der Linden; Part I. Beginnings; Section 1. Egalitarianism: 1. Mazdak and late antique 'socialism' Touraj Daryaee; 2. Egalitarianism in Islamic thought and praxis Asma Afsaruddin; 3. Egalitarianism in Europe: Hussites, Anabaptists, Racovians, Hutterites and Diggers Thomas A. Fudge; 4. The Taiping land program: creating a moral environment Rudolf G. Wagner; Section 2. Early Socialisms: 5. Saint-Simon and Saint-Simonism Jeremy Jennings; 6. Robert Owen and Owenism Gregory Claeys; 7. Charles Fourier and Fourierism Jonathan Beecher; 8. Etienne Cabet and the Icarian movement in France and the United States Christopher H. Johnson; 9. Wilhelm Weitling and early German socialism Bertel Nygaard; Section 3. The Arrival of the Hostile Siblings: Marxism and Anarchism: 10. The International Working Men's Association (1864-1876/77) Fabrice Bensimon; 11. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and early workers' movements Lucia Pradella; 12. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon's mutualist social science Alex Prichard; 13. Mikhail Bakunin and social anarchism Wolfgang Eckhardt; 14. Peter Kropotkin and communist anarchism Ruth Kinna; Part II. Negating State-Power; Section 4. The North-Atlantic Region: 15. Anarchism and syndicalism in France Alexander Varias; 16. Spain in revolt: the revolutionary legacy of anarchism and anarcho-syndicalism George Esenwein; 17. Anarchism and syndicalism in Italy Carl Levy; 18. Anarchism and syndicalism in the United Kingdom David Goodway; 19. Anarchism and syndicalism in the United States Kenyon Zimmer; Section 5. Africa, Asia and Latin America: 20. Mexican socialism John Mason Hart; 21. Anarchism and syndicalism in Argentina Geoffroy de Laforcade; 22. Anarchism and syndicalism in Brazil Claudio Batalha; 23. Anarchism and syndicalism in South Africa Lucien van der Walt; 24. Anarchism and syndicalism in China Gotelind Muller; Section 6. Worldwide Connections: 25. Anarchist transnationalism Constance Bantman; 26. The global revival of anarchism and syndicalism Felipe Correa.
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