Cambridge History of Modern European Thought: Volume 2, The Twentieth Century

Cambridge History of Modern European Thought: Volume 2, The Twentieth Century


Cambridge University Press






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1. Sociology and the heroism of modern life Martin Jay; 2. Psychoanalysis: Freud and beyond Katja Guenther; 3. Modern physics: from crisis to crisis Jimena Canales; 4. Varieties of phenomenology Dan Zahavi; 5. Existentialism and the meanings of transcendence Edward Baring; 6. Philosophies of life Giuseppe Bianco; 7. The many faces of analytical philosophy Joel Isaac; 8. American ideas in the European imagination James T. Kloppenberg and Sam Klug; 9. Revolution from the right: against equality Udi Greenberg; 10. Western Marxism: revolutions in theory Max Pensky; 11. Anti-imperialism and interregnum Kris Manjapra; 12. Late modern feminist subversions: sex, subjectivity, and embodiment Sandrine Sanos; 13. Modernist theologies: the many paths between God and world Peter E. Gordon; 14. Modern economic thought and the 'good society' Hagen Schulz-Forberg; 15. Conservatism and its discontents Steven B. Smith; 16. Modernity and the specter of totalitarianism Samuel Moyn; 17. Decolonization terminable and interminable Judith Surkis; 18. Structuralism and the return of the symbolic Camille Robcis; 19. Poststructuralism: from deconstruction to the genealogy of power Julian Bourg and Ethan Kleinberg; 20. Contesting the public sphere: within and against critical theory David Ingram; 21. Restructuring democracy and the idea of Europe Seyla Benhabib and Stefan Eich.
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