Cambridge History of Medieval Music

Cambridge History of Medieval Music


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Part I: 1. Musical legacies from the ancient world Peter Jeffery; 2. Origins and transmission of Franco-Roman chant Andreas Pfisterer; 3. Sources of Romano-Frankish liturgy and music Joseph Dyer; 4. Regional liturgies: Spanish, Beneventan, Gallican, Milanese Terence Bailey; 5. Nova cantica Jeremy Llewellyn; 6. Music and prosopography Margot Fassler; 7. The silence of medieval singers Benjamin Bagby and Katarina Livljanic; 8. Notation I Thomas Kelly; 9. Tropes Andreas Haug; 10. Sequence Lori Kruckenburg; 11. Music theory Thomas Christensen; 12. Vernacular song: Lyric Elizabeth Aubrey; 13. Vernacular song: Romance Anne Ibos-Auge; 14. Instruments and their music Nigel Wilkins; 15. Teaching and learning music Anna-Maria Busse Berger; 16. Music in drama David Klausner; 17. The sources Stanley Boorman; 18. The revival of medieval music John Haines; 19. Medieval performance practice Timothy McGee; 20. Issues in the modern performance of medieval music John Potter; Part II: 21. Institutions and foundations Alejandro Planchart; 22. Notation II Lawrence Earp; 23. Rhythm and metre John Caldwell; 24. Tonal organisation in polyphony, 1150-1400 Peter Lefferts; 25. Liturgy and plainchant 1150 - 1570 Roman Hankeln; 26. Early polyphony James Grier; 27. Notre Dame Edward Roesner; 28. Liturgical polyphony after 1300 Karl Kugle; 29. The emergence of polyphonic song Mark Everist; 30. Vernacular song: Polyphony Elizabeth Eva Leach; 31. The thirteenth-century motet Rebecca Baltzer; 32. The fourteenth-century motet Alice Clark; 33. Latin song I: songs and songbooks from the ninth to the thirteenth century Helen Deeming; 34. Latin song II: the music and texts of the conductus Thomas Payne; 35. Trecento I: secular music Michael Cuthbert; 36. Trecento II: sacred music and motets in Italy and the East from 1300 until the end of the schism Michael Cuthbert; 37. Ars subtilior Anne Stone; 38. Citational practice in the later Middle Ages Yolanda Plumley; 39. 'Medieval music' or 'early European music'? Reinhard Strohm.