Cambridge History of Medieval Monasticism in the Latin West: Volume 1

Cambridge History of Medieval Monasticism in the Latin West: Volume 1

Origins to the Eleventh Century


Cambridge University Press






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1. General introduction Alison I. Beach and Isabelle Cochelin; Part I. The Origins of Christian Monasticism to the Eighth Century: 2. The monastic laboratory: perspectives of research in late Antique and early medieval monasticism Albrecht Diem and Claudia Rapp; 3. Re-reading monastic traditions: Monks and Nuns, East and West, from the origins to c. 750 Anne-Marie Helvetius, Michel Kaplan, Anne Boud'Hors, Muriel Debie and Benedicte Lesieur; 4. The archaeology of the earliest monasteries Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom and Hendrik Dey; 5. Egyptian Nuns in late Antiquity as Exemplars Mariachiara Giorda; 6. Psalmody and prayer in early monasticism Peter Jeffery; 7. Heterodoxy and monasticism around the Mediterranean Sea David Brakke; 8. The invention of Western monastic literature: texts and communities Roberto Alciati; 9. Monastic rules (4th-9th c.) Albrecht Diem and Philip Rousseau; 10. Social plurality and monastic diversity in late Antique Hispania (6th-8th c.) Pablo C. Diaz; 11. Female house ascetics from the fourth to the twelfth century Eliana Magnani; 12. The archaeology of the earliest monasteries in Italy and France (5th-8th c.): state of the question Sebastien Bully and Eleonora Destefanis; 13. Nuns and Monks at work: equality or distinction between the sexes? A study of Frankish monasteries from the sixth to the tenth century Isabelle Real; 14. Ascetic prayer for the dead in the early medieval West Gordon Blennemann; 15. Monastic identity in early medieval Ireland Lisa Bitel; 16. Constructing monastic space in the early and central medieval West (5th-12th c.) Michel Lauwers; 17. The economy of Byzantine monasteries Michel Kaplan; Part II. The Carolingians to the Eleventh Century: 18. The historiography of ventral medieval Western monasticism Felice Lifshitz; 19. Sources for the history of monasticism in the central Middle Ages (c. 800-1100) Scott Bruce; 20. Questions of monastic identity in medieval Southern Italy and Sicily (c. 500-1200) Valerie Ramseyer; 21. Discerning 'reform' in monastic liturgy (c. 750-1050) Jesse Billett; 22. Monasticism, reform and authority in the Carolingian Era Rutger Kramer; 23. Carolingian monastic schools and reform John Contreni; 24. Monastic economics in the Carolingian Age Jean-Pierre Devroey; 25. Missions on the Northern and Eastern frontiers, c. 700-1100 Janneke Raaijmakers; 26. Minsters and monasticism in Anglo-Saxon England Christopher Andrew Jones; 27. Monastic art and architecture, c. 700-1100: material and immaterial worlds Adam Cohen; 28. Monastic daily life (c. 750-1100): a tight community shielded by an outer court Isabelle Cochelin; 29. The double monastery as an historiographical problem (4th-12th c.) Alison Beach and Andra Juganaru; 30. Interactions between Monks and the lay nobility (from the Carolingian Era through the eleventh century) Isabelle Rose; 31. Monastic reform in the tenth to early twelfth century Steven Vanderputten; 32. Monastic canon law in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth centuries Christof Rolker; 33. Eastern influence on Western monasticism, 850-1050 John Howe.
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