Cambridge History of Judaism: Volume 8, The Modern World, 1815-2000

Cambridge History of Judaism: Volume 8, The Modern World, 1815-2000


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Introduction Mitchell B. Hart and Tony Michels; Part I. History and Geography: 1. Central and Western Europe Robin Judd; 2. Russian and Soviet Jewry Olga Litvak; 3. Poland Scott Ury; 4. The Balkans and South-Eastern Europe Matthias B. Lehmann; 5. Great Britain, the Commonwealth and Anglophone Jewry Adam Mendelsohn; 6. The United States Hasia Diner; 7. The Hispanic world/Latin America Jeffrey Lesser and Raanan Rein; 8. Colonial and post-Colonial Jewries: the Middle East, Africa and Central/Southern Asia Yaron Tzur; 9. Israel Derek Penslar; Part II. Emancipation: Challenges and Consequences: 10. Jews and the modern state Pierre Birnbaum; 11. Assimilation and assimilationism Todd M. Endelman; 12. Liberal Judaisms Claire E. Sufrin; 13. The new Jewish politics David Engel; 14. Jews and the Left Jack Jacobs; 15. Jews and commerce Jonathan Karp; 16. Jews and social class Eli Lederhendler; 17. Education and the politics of Jewish integration Gary B. Cohen; 18. Philanthropy, diplomacy and Jewish internationalism Jonathan Dekel-Chen; 19. Jews and modern European imperialism Ethan B. Katz, Lisa Moses Leff and Maud S. Mandel; 20. Antisemitism and the Jewish question Jonathan Judaken; 21. Generation, degeneration, regeneration: health, disease and the Jewish body Todd Samuel Presner; 22. Zionism and its critics Eran Kaplan; 23. The Holocaust and its aftermath Samuel Kassow; Part III. Jewish Cultures, National and Transnational: 24. Jewish culture: what is it? Zohar Shavit and Yaakov Shavit; 25. Sephardic and Mizrachi literature Nancy E. Berg; 26. Anglophone literature Axel Stahler; 27. Hebrew literature Shachar Pinsker; 28. Yiddish Mikhail Krutikov; 29. Jewish studies: history, memory, scholarship David N. Myers; 30. Jews and material culture Leora Auslander; 31. Jews and popular culture in the twentieth century: North America Andrea Most; 32. Jews and popular culture in the twentieth century: Israel and the Middle East Amy Horowitz and Galeet Dardashti; Part IV. Jews in the Modern World: 33. The dynamics of modernity: shifts in demography and geography Tobias Brinkmann; 34. In search of authenticity: issues of identity and belonging in the twentieth century Jonathan Boyarin; 35. Gender and the re-making of modern Jewry Naomi Seidman; 36. Jews and science Ulrich Charpa; 37. Mysticism and messianism Jody Myers; 38. Orthodoxy and ultra-Orthodoxy as forces in modern Jewish life Jess Olson; 39. Jews and Christianity Susannah Heschel; 40. Jews and Islam Ivan Kalmar; Index.