Cambridge History of Global Migrations: Volume 2, Migrations, 1800-Present (The)

Cambridge History of Global Migrations: Volume 2, Migrations, 1800-Present (The)

Borges, Marcelo J.; Hsu, Madeline Y.

Cambridge University Press






15 a 20 dias

- Introduction Marcelo J. Borges and Madeline Y. Hsu
- 1. Multiscalar approaches and transcultural societal studies Dirk Hoerder
- Part I. Coerced and Free Migrants: 2. Asian indenture migrations Crispin Bates
- 3. Settler migrations Andonis Piperoglou
- 4. Entangling labor migration in the Americas, 1840-1940 Benjamin Bryce
- Part II. Empires, New Nations, and Migrations: 5. Pacific Islander mobilities from colonial incursions to the present Rachel Standfield and Ruth Faleolo with Darcy Wallis
- 6. Japanese imperial migrations Eiichiro Azuma
- 7. Europe's postcolonial migrations since 1945 Elizabeth Buettner
- 8. Immigration restriction in the Anglo-American settler World, 1830s-1930s David C. Atkinson
- Part III. Specialized Migrations and Commercial Diasporas: 9. Soldiers and sailors as migrants Leo Lucassen
- 10. African trade networks and diasporas Ute Roeschenthaler
- 11. Exiles, convicts, and deportees as migrants: Northern Eurasia, nineteenth-twentieth centuries Zhanna Popova
- Part IV. Circulations of Laborers: 12. Migration and Labor in Sub-Saharan Africa during the colonial period Opolot Okia
- 13. The state as trafficker: governments and guestworkers in World history Cindy Hahamovitch
- 14. Skilled migrant workers Monique Laney
- 15. Global domestic work Pei-Chia Lan
- Part V. Transnational Politics and International Solidarities: 16. Immigrants and their homelands Steven Hyland Jr.
- 17. Global migrations and social movements from 1815 to the 1920s Jeanne Moisand
- 18. Women's migration and transnational solidarity in the twentieth century Jessica Frazier and Johanna Leinonen
- Part VI. Displaced Peoples and Refugees: 19. Enduring influence: legal categories of displacement in the early twentieth century Laura Madokoro
- 20. Environmental changes, displacement, and migration Marco Armiero and Giovanni Bettini
- 21. Refugee regimes David Scott FitzGerald
- Part VII. Migrant Communities, Cultures, and Networks: 22. Brokerage and migrations during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Xiao An Wu
- 23. Immigrant cities since the late nineteenth century Michael Goebel
- 24. Global migrants foodways Jeffrey M. Pilcher
- 25. Professional migrants, enclaves, and transnational lives Shenglin Elijah Chang
- Part VIII. Migration Control, Discipline, and Regulation: 26. Migrant illegalities since 1800 Marlou Schrover
- 27. An intellectual history of citizenship Peter J. Spiro
- 28. Mobilities and regulation in the Schengen zone Jochen Oltmer
- 29. Externalization of borders Maurizio Albahari
- Part IX. Technologies of Migration and Communication: 30. Mobility, transport and communication technologies Colin G. Pooley
- 31. Migrant communication from the postal age to internet communities Sonia Cancian.
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