Cambridge History of French Thought

Cambridge History of French Thought

Moriarty, Michael (University of Cambridge); Jennings, Jeremy (King's College London)

Cambridge University Press






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The book offers a comprehensive account of philosophical, religious, political and social thought in France from the Middle Ages to the present. It will appeal to the general reader as well as undergraduates, postgraduates, and academics wanting a succinct and well-informed account of fields other than their own.
Introduction Michael Moriarty; Part I. The Middle Ages to 1789: 1. Medieval French thought David Luscombe; 2. Humanist culture in Renaissance France Ingrid De Smet; 3. Reformers and dissidents Neil Kenny; 4. Rabelais John O'Brien; 5. Moral theories: Aristotelianism and Neostoicism Ullrich Langer; 6. Pyrrhonism John O'Brien; 7. Ramus Raphaele Garrod; 8. Montaigne John O'Brien; 9. Demonology Timothy Chesters; 10. Political and legal thought Sophie E. B. Nichols; 11. Linguistic and literary thought: mid-sixteenth to mid-seventeenth centuries John D. Lyons; 12. French scholastics in the seventeenth century Roger Ariew; 13. Sceptics and freethinkers Isabelle Moreau; 14. Descartes Gary Hatfield; 15. Augustinianism Michael Moriarty; 16. Spirituality Richard Parish; 17. Pascal Emma Gilby; 18. Cartesianism Steven Nadler; 19. Bayle Ruth Whelan; 20. Ethical, political, and social thought Michael Moriarty; 21. Aesthetics: ancients and moderns Richard Scholar; 22. The querelle des femmes Rebecca Wilkin; 23. The Enlightenment Jenny Mander; 24. Voltaire John Leigh; 25. Diderot Marian Hobson; 26. Rousseau Michael Moriarty; 27. Philosophy and religion: deism, atheism, materialism Caroline Warman; 28. Enlightenment political and social thought A. M. R. De Dijn; 29. The continent of history David McCallam; 30. Enlightenment aesthetic thought Kate E. Tunstall; 31. The Enlightenment and gender Judith Still; 32. Colonialism and slavery Jenny Mander; Part II. From 1789 to the Present Day: 33. French thought on the eve of the Revolution and after Jeremy Jennings; 34. Political thought in the nineteenth century Jeremy Jennings; 35. The Paris School of liberal political economy David Hart; 36. Romanticism Alison Finch; 37. Victor Cousin and eclecticism Benjamin Bacle; 38. Nineteenth-century religious thought Robert Priest; 39. Auguste Comte and positivism Mary Pickering; 40. Race and empire in ninteenth-century France Emmanuelle Saada; 41. Philosophy: epistemological debates and Bergson Daniela S. Barberis; 42. Nation and nationalism Michael Sutton; 43. Twentieth-century French Catholic thought Michael Sutton; 44. Writing modern French history Philip Whalen; 45. Sartre and the art of living with paradox Thomas R. Flynn; 46. Marxism versus humanism Knox Peden; 47. French feminist thought in the twentieth century Diana Holmes; 48. Anticolonialism Emile Chabal; 49. The new liberalism Daniel J. Mahoney; 50. Michel Foucault Michael C. Behrent; 51. Jacques Derrida and deconstruction Paul Rekret; 52. Sociology Daniela S. Barberis; 53. Literary theory Patrick French; Conclusion: the end of French thought? Jeremy Jennings.
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