Cambridge Handbook of the Psychology of Prejudice

Cambridge Handbook of the Psychology of Prejudice

Concise Student Edition


Cambridge University Press






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Preface; 1. What is prejudice? An introduction Chris G. Sibley and Fiona Kate Barlow; Part I. General Theoretical Perspectives: 2. Intergroup discrimination: ingroup love or outgroup hate? Marilynn B. Brewer; 3. Evolutionary approaches to stereotyping and prejudice Oliver Sng, Keelah E. G. Williams and Steven L. Neuberg; 4. Understanding the nature, measurement, and utility of implicit intergroup biases Kumar Yogeeswaran, Thierry Devos and Kyle Nash; 5. Social dominance theory: explorations in the psychology of oppression Jim Sidanius, Sarah Cotterill, Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington, Nour Kteily and Hector Carvacho; 6. The dual process motivational model of ideology and prejudice John Duckitt and Chris G. Sibley; 7. Is prejudice heritable? Evidence from twin studies Fiona Kate Barlow, James M. Sherlock, and Brendan P. Zietsch; 8. Recent developments in intergroup contact research: affective processes, group status, and contact valence Linda R. Tropp, Agostino Mazziotta and Stephen C. Wright; 9. From prejudice reduction to collective action: two psychological models of social change (and how to reconcile them) John Dixon, Kevin Durrheim, Clifford Stevenson and Huseyin Cakal; 10. It's all about ignorance: reflections from the blue-eyed/brown-eyed exercise Jane Elliott; Part II. Prejudice in Specific Domains: 11. Aversive racism and contemporary bias John F. Dovidio, Samuel L. Gaertner and Adam R. Pearson; 12. Stereotypicality biases in the criminal justice system Danny Osborne, Paul G. Davies and Shirley Hutchinson; 13. Prejudice against immigrants in multicultural societies Colleen Ward, Agnes Szabo and Jaimee Stuart; 14. Ambivalent sexism in the twenty-first century Rachel A. Connor, Peter Glick and Susan T. Fiske; 15. Sexual prejudice: advances in conceptual and empirical models V. Paul Poteat and Michelle Birkett; 16. Where do we go from here? The eight hard problems facing the scientific study of prejudice and its reduction Fiona Kate Barlow and Chris G. Sibley; Index.
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