Cambridge Handbook of Technical Standardization Law

Cambridge Handbook of Technical Standardization Law

Competition, Antitrust, and Patents

Contreras, Jorge L. (University of Utah)

Cambridge University Press






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This groundbreaking volume, edited by Jorge L. Contreras, assesses and analyzes the legal aspects of technical standards and standardization, shedding new light on how they shape the global technology marketplace and serving as an indispensable tool for scholars, practitioners, judges, and policymakers everywhere.
Introduction Jorge L. Contreras; Part I. Standards and Standardization in the Marketplace: 1. Standards and the global economy Knut Blind and Brian Kahin; 2. No standard for standards: understanding the ICT standards-development ecosystem Brad Biddle; 3. How SSOs work: unpacking the mobile industry's 3GPP standards Kirti Gupta; Part II. Antitrust/Competition Law and Standards Development: 4. Unilateral conduct and standards Daryl Lim; 5. Concerted action in standard-setting George S. Cary and Daniel Culley; 6. European Union competition law, intellectual property law and standardization Damien Geradin; Part III. Patents and Standards: Introduction - patent and antitrust law: an introduction Michael A. Carrier; 7. Economics of patents and standardization: network effects, hold-up, hold-out, stacking Tim Simcoe and Allan Shampine; 8. Collective rights organizations: a guide to benefits, costs and antitrust safeguards Richard J. Gilbert; Part IV. Private Ordering Policies for Standardization: Disclosure and Licensing Commitments: 9. Origins of FRAND licensing commitments in the United States and Europe Jorge L. Contreras; 10. Form and variation in FRAND and other standards licensing commitments Jorge L. Contreras; 11. Enforcing FRAND and other SDO licensing commitments Jorge L. Contreras; 12. Non-discrimination and FRAND commitments Jorge L. Contreras and Anne Layne-Farrar; 13. Essentiality and standards-essential patents Jorge L. Contreras; 14. Transfers of standards essential patents Marc Sandy Block; 15. The disclosure of patents and licensing terms in standards development Gil Ohana and Brad Biddle; Part V. FRAND Litigation around the World; 16. US antitrust aspects of FRAND disputes Renata Hesse and Frances Marshall; 17. EU competition law analysis of FRAND disputes Nicolas Petit; 18. FRAND (and industrial policy) in China D. Daniel Sokol and Wentong Zheng; 19. FRAND in Korea Sang-Seung Yi and Yoonhee Kim; 20. Standard essential patents in Japan Yuko Kimijima; 21. FRAND in India J. Gregory Sidak; 22. Alternative dispute resolution and FRAND disputes Jorge L. Contreras and David L. Newman; 23. Judicially determined FRAND royalties Norman V. Siebrasse and Thomas F. Cotter; 24. Injunctive relief and the FRAND commitment in the United States J. Gregory Sidak; 25. Injunctive relief in the EU - intellectual property and competition law at the remedies stage Pierre Larouche and Nicolo Zingales; 26. Standard Essential Patents at the United States International Trade Commission Elizabeth I. Winston; 27. The anti-suit injunction - a transnational remedy for multi-jurisdictional SEP litigation Jorge L. Contreras and Michael A. Eixenberger.