Cambridge Handbook of Stigma and Mental Health

Cambridge Handbook of Stigma and Mental Health


Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction to the handbook of stigma and mental health David Vogel and Nathaniel Wade; 2. Theoretical models to understand stigma of mental illness Lindsey Sheehan, Carlo Palermo and Patrick Corrigan; 3. Disentangling mental illness and help seeking stigmas Rachel Brenner, Maddie Egli and Joseph Hammer; 4. Measurement of mental illness stigma and discrimination Elaine Brohan, Maria Milenov, Ioannis Bakolis, Sara Evans-Lacko, Brandon Kohrt, and Graham Thornicroft; 5. Time trends in public stigma Georg Schomerus and Matthias, Angermeyer; 6. Consequences of the self-stigma of mental illness Jennifer Boyd, Manuel Lopez, Clara Gonzalez-Sanguino, J. Irene Harris and Isaiah Sampson; 7. Self-stigma of seeking help: A meta-analysis Daniel Lannin and Jacqueline Bible; 8. Stigma and suicide Philip Batterham, Alison Calear, and Ella Kurz; 9. Intellectual disability stigma: The state of the evidence Shirli Werner and Katrina Scior; 10. The intersection of mental health stigma and marginalized identities Courtney Andrysiak, Jennifer Cherry, Jessica Salmonsen and Lauren Mizock; 11. Stigma and mental health in ethnic minority populations Lonnie Snowden, Genevieve Graaf, Latocia Keyes and Amanda Ryan; 12. Mental health stigma amongst LGBTQ+ populations Carlos Vidales and Ashley MacBeth; 13. Unpacking cultural influences on stigma of people with mental illness between group oriented and individual-oriented cultures Winnie Mak and Ben Yu; 14. All the world's a stage: men, masculinity, and mental health stigma Stephen Wester; 15. Understanding and reducing the stigma of mental health problems and of treatment among military personnel Thomas Britt and Zachary Klinefelter; 16. Stigma of seeking mental health services and related constructs in older versus younger adults Corey Mackenzie, Nicole DelRosario and Melissa Krook; 17. Stigma and mental health in the abrahamic religious traditions Lily Mathison, Russell Jackson and Nathaniel Wade; 18. Interventions to reduce mental illness stigma and discrimination at the person-level for individuals and small groups Sarah Parry, Elaine Brohan, Petra Gronholm and Graham Thornicroft; 19. Population-based interventions to reduce the stigma of mental illness Gaia Sampogna, Andrea Fiorillo, Lisa Giannelli and Claire Henderson; 20. Interventions to reduce help-seeking stigma for mental health conditions Jane Hahn, Lina-Jolien Peter, Vanessa Juergensen, Georg Schomerus and Sara Evans-Lacko; 21. Self-affirmation interventions Andrew Seidman; 22. Mindfulness and self-compassion interventions to address mental health stigma Patrick Heath; 23. What is left to be done: key points, future directions, and new innovations Nathaniel Wade and David Vogel.
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