Cambridge Handbook of Race and Surveillance

Cambridge Handbook of Race and Surveillance

Cambridge University Press






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1. The golden era of racial surveillance: an introduction Michael Kwet; 2. Sorting identity Eric Stoddart; 3. Imperial mimesis: migration of surveillance from the colonial Philippines to the United States Alfred McCoy; 4. Separate spheres and the body as an information object: the racialisation and surveillance of British women during the long nineteenth century Toni Weller; 5. Linking caste and surveillance: how digital governance has legitimised caste discrimination in India Amber Sinha and Shruti Trikanad; 6. Surveillance in South Africa: from skin branding to digital colonialism Michael Kwet; 7. Israel/Palestine, North America and surveillance Yasmeen Abu-Laban and Abigail B. Bakan; 8. Colonialism's uneasy legacy: topologies of race and surveillance in Sao Paulo Claudio Altenhain, Alcides dos Reis Peron, Leandro Siqueira and Ricardo Campello; 9. China's surveillance and repression in Xinjiang Myunghee Lee and Emir Yazici; 10. Asian Americans as 'the Perpetual Foreigner' under scrutiny Frank Wu; 11. The great white father and his little red children: surveillance and race in native America Anton Treuer; 12. In a most excellent and perfect order: surveillance, racialization, and government practices in colonial Canada Scott Thompson; 13. Surveillance and public schools: policing, desegregation and the criminalization of minority youth in Charlotte Mecklenburg schools Erica L. Nelson and Tracey A. Benson; 14. Countering violent extremism and surveillance: the experience from schools and colleges in England Joel Busher, Tufyal Choudhary and Paul Thomas; 15. Resistance and the politics of surveillance and control Anthony E. Cook; 16. Surveilled subjects and encounters with technologically mediating law enforcement: reflecting on relational concerns Alana Saulnier.
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