Cambridge Handbook of Labor and Democracy

Cambridge Handbook of Labor and Democracy


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Angela B. Cornell; Part I. Labor and Democracy: Theory and Practice: 1. A new labor law for deep democracy: from social democracy to democratic socialism Mark Barenberg; 2. Labor and democracy: constructing, deepening, and defending citizenship rights Kenneth M. Roberts; 3. Labor's obstacles and democracy's demise Angela B. Cornell; 4. Right-wing populism, illiberal democracy, trade unions, and workers' rights Keith D. Ewing; Part II. History, Politics, and Law: 5. Sectoral bargaining in the United States: historical roots of a twenty-first century renewal Nelson Lichtenstein; 6. The lever and the fulcrum: organizing and bargaining for democracy and the common good Stephen Lerner, Sarita Gupta, Lauren Jacobs, Joseph A. McCartin, and Marilyn Sneiderman; 7. 'Industrial democracy' in the United States, past and present Wilma B. Liebman; 8. Holding on: the decline of organized labor in the U.S. in historical perspective and the implications for democracy Timothy J. Minchin; 9. Unions and the democratic first amendment Charlotte Garden; Part III. Labor, Diversity, and Democracy: 10. Coming apart: how union decline and workplace disintegration imperil democracy Cynthia Estlund; 11. Unions can help white workers become more racially tolerant Paul Frymer, Jacob M. Grumbach, and Thomas Ogorzalek; 12. Attacking democracy through immigration workplace raids Bill Ong Hing; 13. The care crisis: covid-19, labor feminism, and democracy Debora Dinner; Part IV. Country and Regional Perspectives: 14. Labor, workers' rights, and democracy in Latin America Mark Anner; 15. African perspectives on labor rights as enhancers of democratic governance Evance Kalula and Chanda Chungu; 16. Why workers often oppose democracy David Ost; 17. Reclaiming democracy: the challenge facing labor in India Anibel Ferus-Comelo; 18. A critical assessment of democratic labor unionism in South Korea from a feminist standpoint Jaok Kwon; Part V. Labor and Democracy Sectoral Case Studies: Platform Workers, Higher Education, and the Care Industry: 19. Pursuing democratic depth in an age of multinational power and soft labor law: the case of platform worker protests Julia Lopez Lopez; 20. Corporatization of higher education: a crisis of labor and democracy Risa L. Lieberwitz; 21. The fissured welfare state: care work, democracy, and public-private governance Gabriel Winant.