Cambridge Handbook of Intercultural Training

Cambridge Handbook of Intercultural Training

Bhawuk, Dharm P. S.; Landis, Dan

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction and Theoretical Framework Dan Landis and Dharm P. S. Bhawuk; Part I. Theoretical Foundations of Intercultural Training: 2. Harry Triandis's Contributions to Intercultural Training as a Field of Research: A Bibliometric Analysis Dharm P. S. Bhawuk and Atma P. Bhawuk; 3. Interdisciplinary History of Intercultural Communication Studies: From Roots to Research and Praxis Steve J. Kulich, Liping Weng, Rongtian Tong, and Greg DuBois; 4. Culture Theories and Intercultural Training Dharm P. S. Bhawuk; 5. An Analysis of Methods for Intercultural Training Sandra M. Fowler and Masa Yamaguchi; 6. Intercultural Simulations: Theory and Practice Michael B. Saltzman; 7. Toward a Social Network Theory of Reentry Ruobing Chi and Judith N. Martin; 8. Intractable Conflict, Delegitimization and Intercultural Training Meytal Nasie and Daniel Bar-Tal; 9. Evaluation of Cross-Cultural Training: A Review Anna Kallschmidt, Jessica Mesmer-Magnus, Chockalingam Viswesvaran and Satish Deshpande; Part II. Practice of Intercultural Training: 10. International Initiatives in K-12 and Higher Education: Learning from and Moving Beyond Disciplinary History Jennifer Mahon and Kenneth Cushner; 11. The Triad Training Model in Counseling, Cultural Diversity, and Intercultural Training Tomoko Yoshida; 12. Multicultural Counseling Training and Intercultural Training: A Synthesis Ben C. H. Kuo; 13. Training for Cross-Cultural Competence in the United States Military Sharon Glazer; 14. Developing Intercultural Competency Training in Global Organizations: An Examination of the Cadre of Global Managers Miriam Moeller and Michael Harvey; Part III. Indigenous Psychology and Intercultural Training: 15. Brazilian Cultural Patterns and Intercultural Training Claudio V. Torres, Maria Cristina Ferreira, and Laura Novaes Andrade; 16. Russian Cultural Patterns and Intercultural Training Valerie Alexandra and Olga Kovbasyuk; 17. Indian Psychology and Intercultural Training Dharm P. S. Bhawuk; 18. Culture-Inclusive Theories for Intercultural Training in Confucian Societies: An In-Depth Analysis of Face Dynamism Rong Chen and Kwang-Kuo Hwang; 19. Japanese Psychology and Intercultural Training: Presenting Wa in a Nomological Network David Dalsky and Jueyun Su; Part IV. New Interdisciplinary Approaches to Intercultural Training: 20. Cultural Neuroscience Basis of Intercultural Training and Education Shihui Han and Ilari Erik Makela; 21. Perceptual Representation: An Etic Observational Category for Guiding Intercultural Communication Adaptation Milton J. Bennett; 22. Emotional Contagion, Intimate Intercultural Relationships, and Intercultural Training Elaine Hatfield, Shari Paige and Richard L. Rapson; 23. Dialogue and Culture: Reflections on the Parameters of Cultural Dialogue Sthaneshwar Timalsina; 24. Optimizing Globalization through 'Intelligent Swarming': Suggested Activities for Training Gary Fontaine; Part V: Summing Up: 25. Intercultural Training for the New Global Village Dharm P. S. Bhawuk and Dan Landis.
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