Cambridge Handbook of Intercultural Pragmatics

Cambridge Handbook of Intercultural Pragmatics

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Theoretical Foundation: 1. Post-Gricean pragmatics for intercultural communication Kasia Jaszczolt; 2. Relevance theory and intercultural interaction Jacques Moeschler; 3. Cognitive psychology in pragmatics Rachel Giora; 4. The theoretical framework of intercultural pragmatics Istvan Kecskes; Part II. Key Issues in Intercultural Pragmatics Research: 5. The cultural, contextual and computational dimensions of common ground Brian Nolan; 6. Role of context Anita Fetzer; 7. Sources of (mis)understanding in intercultural interactions Jagdish Kaur; 8. Creativity and idiomaticity in intercultural interactions Marie-Luise Pitzl; 9. Metaphors in intercultural communication Marianna Bolognesi; 10. Common ground in linguistic theory and internet pragmatics: forms of dynamic, multicultural interaction Elke Diedrichsen; 11. Vague language from a pragmatic perspective Grace Zhang; 12. Humor in intercultural interactions Kerry Mullan and Christine Beal; 13. Emotion in intercultural interactions Laura Alba; 14. Research methods in intercultural pragmatics Monika Kirner-Ludwig; Part III. Interface of Intercultural Pragmatics and Related Disciplines: 15. Semiotics and intercultural pragmatics Marcel Danesi; 16. Sociopragmatics and intercultural interaction Michael Haugh and Wei-Lin Melody Chang; 17. An English-as-a-lingua-franca perspective on intercultural pragmatics Barbara Seidlhofer and Henry Widdowson; 18. Intercultural rhetoric Ulla Connor; 19. Politeness and rapport management Helen-Spencer-Oatey; 20. Corpus-based intercultural pragmatic research Jesus Romero-Trillo; Part IV. Intercultural Pragmatics in Different Types of Communication: 21. Visual and multimodal communication across cultures Charles Forceville; 22. Intercultural teamwork via videoconferencing technology: A multimodal (inter)action analysis Sigrid Norris and Jarret Geenen; 23. Intercultural communication in computer-mediated discourse Carmen Maiz-Arevalo; 24. Intercultural aspects of business communication Liu Ping; 25. Intercultural pragmatics in healthcare communication Maria Grazia Rossi and Fabricio Macagno; 26. Academic and professional discourse in intercultural pragmatics Maria Luisa Carrio Pastor; 27. The dynamic model of meaning approach: Analyzing the interculturality of conspiracy theory in far-right populist discourses Fabienne Baider; Part V. Language Learning: 28. Pragmatic competence Elly Ifantidou; 29. Pragmatic awareness in intercultural language learning Troy McConachy; 30. Interculturality and the study abroad experience: Pragmatic and sociolinguistic development Martin Howard and Rachel Shiverly; 31. Intercultural mediation in language learning Anthony Liddicoat; 32. Interaction in the multilingual classrooms Marie Kallkvist, Erica Sandlund, Pia Sundqvist and Henrik Gyllstad.
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