Cambridge Handbook of Heritage Languages and Linguistics

Cambridge Handbook of Heritage Languages and Linguistics


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Introduction - heritage languages, heritage speakers, heritage linguistics Silvina Montrul and Maria Polinsky; Part I. Heritage Languages Around the World: 1. Slavic heritage languages around the globe Bernhard Brehmmer; 2. Heritage languages in Europe Tanja Kupisch; 3. Heritage languages in Southeastern Europe Natalia Pavlou and Kleanthes K. Grohmann; 4. Heritage languages in China Linda Tsung and Lubei Zhang; 5. Heritage languages in Japan and Korea Hyun-Sook Kang and James Hye Suk Yoon; 6. Heritage languages in Israel Natalia Meir, Susan Joffe, Ronald Shabtaev, Joel Walters and Sharon Armon-Lotem; 7. Heritage languages in New Zealand and Australia Corinne Seals; 8. Heritage languages in Canada Naomi Nagy; 9. Asian heritage languages in the United States - Chinese and Hindi language communities Shereen Bhalla, Na Liu and Terence G. Wiley; 10. The vitality of Spanish as a heritage language in the United States Maria M. Carreira; 11. Germanic heritage varieties in the Americas - social and linguistic perspectives Janne Bondi Johannessen and Joseph Salmons; 12. Arabic in North America Abdulkafi Albirini; 13. Heritage languages in South America John M. Lipski; 14. Language attrition and heritage language reversal in returnees Cristina Flores and Neal Snape; Part II. Research Approaches to Heritage Languages: 15. Heritage language research and theoretical linguistics Elabbas Benmamoun; 16. The emergence of heritage language - a case study from Korean William O'Grady and Chae-Eun Kim; 17. Sociolinguistic approaches to heritage languages Andrew Lynch and Netta Avineri; 18. The psycholinguistics of heritage languages Jill Jegerski and Irina Sekerina; 19. Contact linguistics and heritage languages Itxaso Rodriguez-Ordonez and Lorena Sainzmaza-Lecanda; 20. A narrative-ethnographic approach to research on heritage language development Agnes Weiyun He; 21. Corpus-based methodologies in the study of heritage languages Olesya Kisselev; 22. Current trends and emerging methodologies in charting heritage language grammars Fatih Bayram, Grazia Di Pisa, Jason Rothman and Roumyana Slabakova; Part III. Grammatical Aspects of Heritage Languages: 23. Phonetics and phonology Charles B. Chang; 24. Morphology Michael Putnam, Lara Schwarz and Andrew Hoffman; 25. Syntax Terje Lohndal; 26. Semantics of heritage languages Tania Ionin; 27. Discourse and information structure in heritage languages Oksana Laleko; 28. Pragmatics in heritage languages Irina Dubinina; Part IV. Heritage Language Education: 29. Elementary school heritage language educational options and outcomes Kim Potowski; 30. Community-organized heritage language programs Jin Sook Lee and Huay Chen; 31. Curricular and programmatic language development opportunities for university-level heritage language learners Sara Beaudrie; 32. Instructed heritage language acquisition Melissa A. Bowles and Julio Torres; 33. Issues and practices in community-based experiential learning for heritage speakers in the United States Paola Guerrero-Rodriguez, Adriana Ojeda and Diego Pascual y Cabo; 34. Developing Spanish heritage language biliteracy Maria Cecilia Colombi; 35. Heritage language assessment Kimi Kondo-Brown; 36. Embracing opportunity in heritage language revitalization Maria Schwedhelm, Kate Stemper and Kendall King; 37. Heritage language planning and policy Terrence G. Wiley.
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