Cambridge Handbook of Germanic Linguistics

Cambridge Handbook of Germanic Linguistics


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Introduction B. Richard Page and Michael T. Putnam; Part I. Phonology: 1. Phonological processes in Germanic languages Tracy A. Hall; 2. Germanic syllable structure Marc van Oostendorp; 3. The role of foot structure in Germanic Laura Catharine Smith; 4. Word-stress in Germanic Birgit Alber; 5. Quantity in Germanic languages B. Richard Page; 6. Germanic laryngeal phonetics and phonology Joseph C. Salmons; 7. Tone accent in North and West Germanic Bjoern Koehnlein; 8. Intonation in Germanic Mary Grantham O'Brien; Part II. Morphology and Agreement Systems: 9. Verbal inflectional morphology in Germanic David Fertig; 10. Inflectional morphology: nouns Damaris Nubling; 11. Principles of word formation Geert Booij; 12. Grammatical gender in modern Germanic languages Sebastian Kurschner; 13. Case in Germanic Tom McFadden; 14. Complementizer agreement Marjo van Koppen; Part III. Syntax: 15. VO/OV-base ordering Hubert Haider; 16. The placement of finite verbs Sten Vikner; 17. Germanic infinitives Susi Wurmbrand and Christos Christopoulos; 18. The unification of object shift and object scrambling Hans Broekhus; 19. Unbounded dependency constructions in Germanic Martin Salzmann; 20. The voice domain in Germanic Artemis Alexiadou and Florian Schafer; 21. Binding: the morphology, syntax, and semantics of reflexive and non-reflexive pronouns Vera Lee-Schoenfeld; 22. Verbal particles, results, and directed motion Ida Toivonen; 23. Structure of noun (NP) and determiner phrases (DP) Dorian Roehrs; Part IV. Semantics and Pragmatics: 24. Modality in Germanic Kristin Melum Eide; 25. Tense and aspect in Germanic languages Kristin Melum Eide; 26. Prepositions and particles: place and path in English, German, and Dutch Joost Zwarts; 27. Negative and positive polarity items Doris Penka; 28. Grammatical reflexes of information structure in Germanic languages Caroline Fery; Part V. Language Contact and Non-Standard Varieties: 29. Second language acquisition in Germanic languages Carrie Jackson; 30. Urban speech styles of Germanic languages Pia Quist; 31. The West Germanic dialect continuum William D. Keel; 32. The North Germanic dialect continuum Charlotte Gooskens; 33. Heritage Germanic languages in North America Janne Bondi Johannessen and Michael T. Putnam; 34. Minority Germanic languages Mark L. Louden; 35. Germanic contact languages Paul T. Roberge.
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