Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Syntax

Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Syntax

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Grant Goodall; Part I. General Issues in Acceptability Experiments: 1. Sentence Acceptability Experiments: What, How, and Why Grant Goodall; 2. Response Methods in Acceptability Experiments Sam Featherston; 3. Approaching Gradience in Acceptability with the Tools of Signal Detection Theory Brian Dillon and Matthew Wagers; 4. Variation in Participants and Stimuli in Acceptability Experiments Jana Haussler and Tom Juzek; 5. Acceptability, Grammar, and Processing Gisbert Fanselow; 6. Satiation William Snyder; 7. Acceptability (and Other) Experiments for Studying Comparative Syntax Dustin Chacon; Part II. Experimental Studies of Specific Phenomena: 8. Resumptive Pronouns in English Chung-hye Han; 9. Island Effects Jon Sprouse and Sandra Villata; 10. The That-Trace Effect Wayne Cowart and Dana McDaniel; 11. Anaphora: Experimental Methods for Investigating Coreference Elsi Kaiser; 12. Constituent Order and Acceptability Thomas Weskott; 13. Acceptability Judgments at the Syntax-Semantics Interface Jesse Harris; Part III. Experimental Studies of Specific Populations and Language Families: 14. Acceptability Studies in L2 Populations Tania Ionin; 15. Judgments of Acceptability, Truth and Felicity in Child Language Rosalind Thornton; 16. Acceptability and Truth Value Judgment Studies in East Asian Languages Shin Fukuda; 17. Acceptability Experiments in Romance Languages Timothy Gupton and Tania Leal; 18. Acceptability Studies in (Non-English) Germanic Languages Markus Bader; 19. Acceptability Studies in Semitic Languages Aya Meltzer-Asscher; 20. Experimental Syntax and the Slavic Languages Arthur Stepanov; 21. Acceptability Judgments in Sign Linguistics Vadim Kimmelman; Part IV. Experimental Syntax Beyond Acceptability: 22. Theories All The Way Down: Remarks on 'Theoretical' and 'Experimental' Linguistics Colin Phillips, Nick Huang, Phoebe Gaston and Hanna Muller; 23. Eye-Tracking and Self-Paced Reading Claudia Felser; 24. Nothing Entirely New Under the Sun: ERP Responses to Manipulations of Syntax Robert Kluender; 25. Corpus Studies of Syntax Jerid Francom; 26. Syntax and Speaking Shota Momma; 27. Neuroimaging William Matchin.
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