Cambridge Handbook of Comparative Law

Cambridge Handbook of Comparative Law

Siems, Mathias; Yap, Po Jen

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: a new handbook for comparative law in a global context Mathias Siems and Po Jen Yap; Part I. Methods of Comparative Law: 2. Traditional methods Jaakko Husa; 3. Historical-jurisprudential methods Jean-Louis Halperin; 4. Critical methods Thomas Coendet; 5. Culture and comparative law methodology Qian Xiangyang; 6. Linguistic approaches Lucja Biel; 7. Qualitative fieldwork Petra Mahy, Richard Mitchell, John Howe, Ingrid Landau and Carolyn Sutherland; 8. New institutional economics Olive Sabiiti; 9. Empirical methods Mathias Siems; 10. Machine-learning methods Han-wei Ho, Patrick Chung-Chia Huang and Yun-chien Chang; Part II. Legal Families and Geographical Comparisons: 11. Civil law Andrea Ortolani; 12. Common law Shivprasad Swaminathan; 13. Confucian legal tradition Ngoc Son Bui; 14.Former Soviet States of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Andrey Shirvindt; 15. Latin America Isabel Zuloaga and Jose Manuel Diaz de Valdes; 16. Middle East and North Africa Radwa Elsaman; 17. South Asia Rehan Abeyratne; 18. Sub-Saharan Africa Charles Manga Fombad; Part III. Central Themes in Comparative Law: 19. The tradition of comparative law: comparison and its colonial legacies Helge Dedek; 20. Decolonial theory and comparative law Roger Merino; 21. Legal transplants: a theoretical framework and a case study from public law Margit Cohn; 22. Legal transplants: a case study of private law in its historical context Gerardo Caffera, Rodrigo Momberg and Maria Elisa Morales; 23. Convergence and divergence in public law Po Jen Yap; 24. Convergence and divergence in company law Hatice Kuebra Kandemir; 25. Law and development Yong-Shik Lee and Andrew Harding; 26. Divided legal systems: understanding legal systems in conflict-prone societies M. Bashir Mobasher and Haroun Rahimi; 27. Legal pluralism and commerce Ada Ordor, Nojeem Amodu and Victor Amadi; Part IV. Comparative Law Beyond the State: 28. Comparative international law Danielle Hanna Rached and Conrado Hubner Mendes; 29. Transnational regulation Victor V. Ramraj; 30. Quantitative forms of legal governance Rene Uruena; 31. Comparative international arbitration law Shahla Ali; 32. Cross-border judicial dialogue Tom Gerald Daly; 33. Comparing regional law Armin Cuyvers; 34. Comparative conflict of laws Yuko Nishitani; 35. Comparative indigenous law Anthony C. Diala; 36. Comparative legal education Tan Cheng-Han, Alan Koh, Topo Santoso, Umakanth Varottil and Jiangyu Wang.
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