Cambridge Handbook of Community Psychology

Cambridge Handbook of Community Psychology

Interdisciplinary and Contextual Perspectives

Clauss-Ehlers, Caroline S.

Cambridge University Press






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Foreword; Part I. Foundational Concepts: Interdisciplinary, Culturally Responsive, and Contextual Approaches: 1. Promoting Change amidst Systemic Oppression: A Twenty-First Century Call to Action for Communities and Community Psychologists; 2. Community Psychology: Getting to Work; 3. Now Would be a Great Time to Raise your Voice: Empowerment as a Critical Community Psychology Concept; 4. Ethics and Community Psychology; 5. Defining Wellness across World Cultures; Part II. Research, Assessment, and Program Evaluation: Ecological Considerations: 6. Conducting Culturally Responsive Community Needs Assessments; 7. Comprehensive Evaluation of a Rural School Mental Health Program; 8. Constructive Diversity Pedagogy for Challenging Classroom Dialogues: Participatory Action Research with Interdisciplinary Faculty; 9. Critical Language Ethnography as a Community-Centered Research Paradigm; Part III. Community Psychology in Action: Critical Themes and Areas of Application: 10. Women and Leadership: Building Community; 11. Community Resilience: From Broken Windows to Busy Streets; 12. Building Community Resilience and Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction through Social Action Efforts; 13. The Consumer Recovery Movement in the United States: Historical Considerations and Next Steps for Action; 14. Taking Back the Streets: Violence Prevention and Neighborhood Empowerment in the South Ward of Newark; 15. Promoting Adolescent Mental Health: A Transculturally Informed Approach to Engaging Developmental Neuropsychology in the Support of Prevention and Intervention; 16. Gowanus Canal and Public Policy: Community Well-being at a Superfund Site; 17. Family Support Services at Ronald McDonald House Promotes Healing of Seriously Ill Children; 18. Community Psychology and a Fresh Look at Faith Healing Camps: Experiences in Ghana; 19. Community Impact of Social Media; 20. Supporting Communities through Educational Access; 21. Psychological Impact of Climate Change on Communities; 22. Optimal Local Government and Public Service Provision; 23. A Public Health Approach to Delinquency and Incarceration: A Case Study; 24. Public Service Organizations and Community Empowerment: A Toolkit to Develop the School-Family-Community Connection at an Urban Middle School; 25. Women and Immigration; 26. Community-Based Transition Interventions for Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities; 27. Mental Health on College Campuses; 28. LGBTQ+ Communities: Confronting Discrimination and Gaps in Community Supports; Part IV. Where Do We Go from Here? Gaps and Opportunities for Community Psychology: 29. Responding to Gaps in Research and Practice in Community Psychology; 30. Changing the Community Psychology Narrative: A Contextual, Interdisciplinary, Inclusive, Empowerment Approach.
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