Cambridge Handbook of Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis

Cambridge Handbook of Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis

Suhr, Julie A.; Sellbom, Martin

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction to the The Cambridge Handbook of Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis Julie A. Suhr and Martin Sellbom; Part I. General Issues in Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis: 2. Psychometrics and psychological assessment John Hunsley and Teresa Allan; 3. Multicultural issues in clinical psychological assessment Frederick Leong, P. Priscilla Lui, and Zornitsa Kalibatseva; 4. Ethical and professional issues in assessment Linda K. Knauss; 5. Contemporary psychopathology diagnosis Christopher C. Conway, Lee Anna Clark and Robert F. Krueger; 6. Assessment of non-credible reporting and responding Dustin B. Wygant, Danielle Burchett and Jordan P. Harp; 7. Technological advances in clinical assessment: ambulatory assessment Timothy J. Trull, Sarah A. Griffin and Ashley C. Helle; 8. Psychological assessment as treatment: collaborative/therapeutic assessment E. Hale Martin; 9. Writing a psychological report using evidence-based psychological assessment methods R. Michael Bagby and Shauna Solomon-Krakus; Part II. Specific Clinical Assessment Methods: 10. Clinical interviewing John Sommers-Flanagan, Veronica I. Johnson and Maegan Rides At The Door; 11. Multi-informant assessment of psychopathology from preschool through old age Thomas M. Achenbach, Masha Y. Ivanova and Leslie A. Rescorla; 12. Intellectual assessment Lisa Whipple Drozdick and Jennifer Puig: 13. Achievement assessment Jennifer White, Nancy Mather, Deborah Anne Schneider and Jennifer Braden Kirkpatrick; 14. Using vocational assessment tests Jane L. Swanson; 15. Neuropsychological testing and assessment Julie A. Suhr and Kaley Angers; 16. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - 2 - Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF) Yossef S. Ben-Porath, Martin Sellbom and Julie A. Suhr; 17. Personality Assessment Inventory Leslie C. Morey and Morgan N. McCredie; 18. The Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV (MCMI-IV) Seth Grossman; 19. Self-report scales for common mental disorders: an overview of current and emerging methods Matthew Sunderland, Philip Batterham, Alison Calear, and Natacha Carragher; 20. Performance-based techniques Gregory J. Meyer and Joni L. Mihura; Part III. Assessment and Diagnosis of Specific Mental Disorders: 21. Assessment of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders Lindsey Williams, Rachel Sandercock and Laura Grofer Klinger; 22. Assessment of childhood disruptive behavior disorders and ADHD Christopher T. Barry, Rebecca A. Lindsey and Alyssa A. Neumann; 23. Assessment of depressive disorders and suicidality Ronald R. Holden and G. Cynthia Fekken; 24. Assessment of anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder Lorna Peters, Lauren F. McLellan, and Keila Brockveld; 25. Assessment of trauma- and stressor-related disorders Daniel J. Lee, Sarah E. Kleiman and Frank W. Weathers; 26. Assessment of people with psychotic and bipolar disorders Rachel Brand, Greg Murray and Neil Thomas; 27. Assessment of eating disorders Tracey Wade and Mia Pellizzer; 28. Assessment of substance use disorders James Langenbucher; 29. Assessment of personality disorder Leonard J. Simms, Trevor F. Williams and Chloe M. Evans; 30. Neuropsychological assessment of dementia David P. Salmon; 31. Traumatic brain injuries Lilian Salinas and William Barr; Part IV. Clinical Assessment in Specific Settings: 32. Screening and assessment in integrated primary care settings Jeffrey L. Goodie and Kevin Wilfong; 33. Psychological Assessment in forensic settings Patricia A. Zapf, Amanda Beltrani and Amanda L. Reed; 34. Assessment issues within neuropsychological settings F. Taylor Agate and Mauricio A. Garcia-Barrera; 35. Assessment in educational settings Benjamin J. Lovett and Jason M. Nelson.
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