Cambridge Handbook of Applied School Psychology

Cambridge Handbook of Applied School Psychology

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1. Broadening the focus of school psychology practice Frank C. Worrell, Tammy L. Hughes and Dante D. Dixson; Part I. Individual-Level Academic Interventions: 2. Enhancing reading motivation in schools Jamie Zibulsky and Lily Schwartz; 3. Addressing won't do issues in mathematics Christopher H. Skinner, Shelby Wright and Elizabeth McCallum; 4. Learning disabilities in mathematics Amanda McKerracher; 5. Executive function and school performance Cynthia A. Riccio and Maria J. Castro; Part II. Teacher and System-Level Interventions: 6. School-based interventions Nicholas Gelbar and Lea A. Theodore; 7. Helping teachers use progress monitoring for decision making Matthew K. Burns, Lisa Aguilar and Crystal Taylor; 8. Working with teachers on Tier 1 Linda Reddy and Adam Lekwa; 9. The academic support index: a tool for understanding student data David Stevens; Part III. Interventions from Educational and Social/Personality Psychology: 10. Belonging in schools Amanda D. Perez, Randy T. Lee and Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton; 11. Cross-race/cross-ethnic friendships in school Sandra Graham and Kara Kogachi; 12. Self-regulated learning in school contexts Timothy J. Cleary, Gregory L. Callan and Erica R. Pawlo; 13. School environments that facilitate delay of gratification Hefer Bembenutty; 14. The role of hope in school settings Dante D. Dixson; 15. School settings that facilitate high teacher expectations Christine Rubie-Davies and Annaline Flint; 16. Parental autonomy and relatedness support John Mark Froiland; 17. Preventing and minimizing stereotype threat in school settings Jennifer Randall Crosby; 18. How implicit gender bias impacts academic engagement Antonya Marie Gonzalez, Hee Jae Julie Oh and Andrew Scott Baron; Part IV. Behavioral and Social Emotional Interventions: 19. Internalizing problems and disorders of childhood Randy W. Kamphaus, Emily Walden and Dianna Carrizales-Englemann; 20. Adolescent suicidal behavior in schools: what to know and what to do James J. Mazza and David N. Miller; 21. Emotional disturbance vs social maladjustment Tammy L. Hughes, Michael Tansy and Elizabeth A. Pask; 22. When conduct problems become illegal acts: helping individuals with autism Elizabeth A. Pask and Tammy L. Hughes; 23. Effective bullying prevention and intervention strategies for school professionals Susan M. Swearer, Allen Garcia, Ana M. Damme, Shir Palmon, Nicholas Asay and Mario Scalora; 24. Prevention and intervention to close discipline gaps in schools Anne Gregory and Russell Skiba; 25. Social emotional learning in schools James C. DiPerna, Jennifer R. Frey and Susan C. Hart; Part V. Health and Pediatric Interventions: 26. Impairments related to medical conditions David L. Wodrich; 27. Psychological considerations for asthma Melissa Bray, Melissa Root, Meiko Howell and Evelyn Bilias; 28. Substance usage Sheila Yu and Steve Sussman; 29. Coordinating services with non-school providers Maria E. Golden and George J. DuPaul; Part VI. Family Connections and Life Transitions: 30. Parent-teacher relationships Kathleen M. Minke and Jordana S. Woodford; 31. Facilitating the transition to college Judith Kaufman and Camilla Overup; 32. Transition from school to work Ara Schmitt, Jamie Yabrough and Jenna Hennessey; Part VII. Special Populations: 33. School psychologists in early childhood settings Vincent C. Alfonso, Susan Ruby, Addy M. Wissel and Jaleh Davari; 34. Serving gifted and talented students Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, Frank C. Worrell and Rena F. Subotnik; 35. How best to serve court-involved youth in schools James R. Andretta; 36. School-based interventions for refugee children and adolescents Zuhra Teja and Frank C. Worrell; Part VIII. Conclusion: 37. School psychology in the 21st century Frank C. Worrell, Dante D. Dixson and Tammy Hughes; Index.
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