Cambridge Companion to the Writings of Julius Caesar

Cambridge Companion to the Writings of Julius Caesar


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: Caesarian questions: then, now, hence Luca Grillo and Christopher B. Krebs; Part I. Literature and Politics: 1. Caesar, literature and politics at the end of the Republic Kurt Raaflaub; 2. The Commentarii in their propagandistic context Christopher B. Krebs; 3. Caesar constructing Caesar William Batstone; 4. Priesthoods, gods and stars Joerg Rupke; 5. The politics of geography Andrew M. Riggsby; 6. Nostri and 'the other(s)' Andrew C. Johnston; Part II. Genre, Rhetoric, Language and Style: 7. Genres and generic contaminations in the Commentarii Debra L. Nousek; 8. Caesar's style Christopher B. Krebs; 9. Speeches in the Commentarii Luca Grillo; 10. Wit and irony Anthony Corbeill; 11. Literary approaches to Caesar Luca Grillo; Part III. Fragmentary Works: 12. Caesar the linguist: the debate about the Latin language Giuseppe Pezzini; 13. Caesar's orations Henriette van der Blom; 14. Caesar's poetry in its context Sergio Casali; 15. Anticato Anthony Corbeill; 16. The letters of Caesar Ruth Morello; Part IV. Sources and Nachleben: 17. Caesar and Greek historians Luke Pitcher; 18. Caesar and Roman historiography prior to the Commentarii Martine Chassignet; 19. The Corpus Caesarianum Jan Felix Gaertner; 20. Caesar in Livy and Tacitus Christine S. Kraus; 21. Caesar, Virgil and Lucan Timothy A. Joseph; 22. Narrating the Gallic and Civil Wars with and beyond Caesar James Thorne; 23. Writing war with Caesar: the Commentarii's afterlife in military memoirs Hester Schadee.
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