Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Law

Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Law

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. General Theory: 1. Methodology Grant Lamond; 2. The Nature of Law John Finnis; 3. Legal Reasoning Martha C. Nussbaum; 4. Law and Living Well Timothy Macklem; 5. Social Science and the Philosophy of Law Frederick Schauer; Part II. Values: 6. The Rule of Law John Tasioulas; 7. Justice without Ethics: A Twentieth-Century Innovation? Onora O'Neill; 8. Rights and Human Rights Jeremy Waldron; 9. Equality and Discrimination Sophia Moreau; 10. Authority and Legitimacy Christoph Kletzer and Massimo Renzo; 11. The Ends and Limits of Law John Stanton-Ife; Part III. Special Theory: 12. Causation and Responsibility Richard Holton; 13. Punishment Christopher Bennett and Kimberley Brownlee; 14. Constitutional Law Mitchell N. Berman; 15. Civil Rights and Liberties Sherif Girgis and Robert P. George; 16. Criminal Law R. A. Duff; 17. Contract Daniel Markovits; 18. Tort Law and its Theory John Gardner; 19. Property Law Larissa Katz; 20. International Law Guglielmo Verdirame.
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