Cambridge Companion to the Bible and Literature

Cambridge Companion to the Bible and Literature

Carmichael, Calum (Cornell University, New York)

Cambridge University Press






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This Companion volume offers a sweeping survey of the Bible as a work of literature and its impact on Western writing. Individual essays explore topics which unravel the complex and subtle character of biblical stories, ethical injunctions, and legal texts, and examine how Western authors such as Milton and Shelley were inspired by them.
1. Literature of the Ancient Near East and the Bible Steve A. Wiggins; 2. The primary narrative (Genesis through 2 Kings) Thomas L. Brodie; 3. Reading biblical literature from a legal and political perspective Geoffrey P. Miller; 4. Biblical law and literature Calum Carmichael; 5. Biblical law and literature Graeme Auld; 6. Prophetic literature Victor H. Matthews; 7. Wisdom literature James Crenshaw; 8. The Gospels Jeannine K. Brown; 9. Paul's Letters Todd D. Still; 10. Apocalyptic literature Meghan Henning; 11. Shakespeare's King Lear and the Bible William J. Kennedy; 12. The Bible and John Milton's Paradise Lost Gordon Teskey; 13. The Bible, Shelley, and English Romanticism Jonathan Fortier; 14. Herman Melville and the Bible Ruth Blair; 15. The Song of Songs and biblical readings Emily O. Gravett.
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