Cambridge Companion to Xenophon

Cambridge Companion to Xenophon

Flower, Michael A. (Princeton University, New Jersey)

Cambridge University Press






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Introduces Xenophon's writings and their importance for Western culture, while explaining the main scholarly controversies.
Introduction Michael A. Flower; Part I. Contexts: 1. Xenophon and his times John W. I. Lee; 2. Xenophon and Greek philosophy Louis-Andre Dorion; 3. Xenophon and Greek political thought Sarah Brown Ferrario; 4. Xenophon's place in fourth-century Greek historiography Nino Luraghi; Part II. Individual Works: 5. Xenophon's Anabasis and Hellenica John Marincola; 6. Xenophon's Apology and Memorabilia David M. Johnson; 7. Xenophon's Symposium Gabriel Danzig; 8. Xenophon's Oeconomicus Fiona Hobden; 9. Xenophon's Cyropaedia: tentative answers to an enigma Melina Tamiolaki; 10. Xenophon: the small works John Dillery; Part III. Techniques: 11. Xenophon's language and expression Vivienne Gray; 12. Xenophon's authorial voice Christopher Pelling; 13. Xenophon's narrative style Tim Rood; 14. The character and function of speeches in Xenophon Emily Baragwanath; Part IV. Major Subjects: 15. Xenophon as a historian Michael A. Flower; 16. Xenophon on leadership Richard Fernando Buxton; 17. Xenophon and Athens Christopher Tuplin; 18. Xenophon on Persia Kostas Vlassopoulos; 19. Xenophon's views on Sparta Paul Christesen; Part V. Reception and Influence: 20. Xenophon's influence in Imperial Greece Ewen Bowie; 21. Xenophon and the instruction of princes Noreen Humble; 22. Xenophon's changing fortunes in the modern world Tim Rood; Epilogue: 23. Xenophon: magician and friend Edith Hall; Important dates in the life of Xenophon.
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