Cambridge Companion to The Federalist

Cambridge Companion to The Federalist

Rakove, Jack N.; Sheehan, Colleen A.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; 1. Publius and the antifederalists: a satisfactory answer to all the objections? David J. Siemers; 2. John Jay, The Federalist, and the Constitution Queintin P. Taylor; 3. Hamilton on security, war, and revenue Max M. Edling; 4. Reason against passion: institutional balance, international relations, and the law of nations in The Federalist David M. Golove and Daniel J. Hulsebosch; 5. The Federalist's new federalism Michael Zuckert; 6. The political psychology of Publius: reason, interest, and interest in The Federalist Jon Elster; 7. Montesquieu, Hume, Adam Smith, and the philosophical perspective of The Federalist Paul A. Rahe; 8. Madison's republican remedy: the Tenth Federalist and the creation of an impartial republic Alan Gibson; 9. The republicanism of Publius Colleen A. Sheehan; 10. The interests of the man: James Madison's constitutional politics Larry D. Kramer; 11. Politics indoors and out-of-doors: a fault line in Madison's thinking Jack Rakove; 12. 'The cool and deliberate sense of the community': The Federalist on Congress Greg Weiner; 13. Publius on monarchy Eric Nelson; 14. The Federalist and the judiciary William M. Treanor; 15. Publius' political science John Ferejohn and Roderick Hills; 16. The republican form of government in The Federalist Harvey C. Mansfield.
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