Cambridge Companion to Postmodern American Fiction

Cambridge Companion to Postmodern American Fiction

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Paula Geyh; 1. Postmodern precursors Jonathan P. Eburne; 2. Prolonged periodization: American fiction after 1960 David Cowart; 3. Postmodern American fiction and global literature Caren Irr; 4. Philosophical skepticism and narrative incredulity: postmodern theory and postmodern American fiction Arkady Plotnitsky; 5. History and fiction Timothy Parrish; 6. Gender and sexuality: postmodern constructions Sally Robinson; 7. Pluralism and postmodernism: the histories and geographies of ethnic American literature Dean Franco; 8. The zombie in the mirror: postmodernism and subjectivity in science fiction Elana Gomel; 9. Postmodern styles: language, reflexivity, and pastiche Patrick O'Donnell; 10. Between word and image: the textual and the visual in postmodern American fiction Paula Geyh; 11. Electronic fictions: television, the internet, and the future of digital fiction Astrid Ensslin.
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