Cambridge Companion to 'Lyrical Ballads'

Cambridge Companion to 'Lyrical Ballads'

Bushell, Sally

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Part and Whole; 1. Wordsworth's 'Preface': A Manifesto for British Romanticism Sally Bushell; 2. Collaboration, Domestic Co-partnery and Lyrical Ballads Polly Atkin; 3. Coleridgean Contributions Tim Fulford; 4. Lyric Voice, Ballad Voice Pete Newbon; Part II. Subjects and Situations from Common Life; 5. Conversation in Lyrical Ballads Frances Ferguson; 6. The Power of Things in Lyrical Ballads Paul H. Fry; 7. Marginal Figures Philip Shaw; Part III. Feeling and Thought; 8. Silence and Sympathy in Lyrical Ballads Andrew Bennett; 9. Domestic Affections and the Home Susan Wolfson; Part IV. Language and the Human Mind; 10. A 'Radical Difference': Wordsworth's Experiments in Language and Metre Brennan O'Donnell; 11. Awkward Relations: Poetry and Philosophy in Lyrical Ballads Alexander Regier; Part V. A Global Lyrical Ballads; 12. Ecocritical Approaches to Lyrical Ballads James C. McKusick; 13. Rhyming Revolutionaries: Lyrical Ballads in America Joel Pace; 14. The Indigenous Lyrical Ballads Nikki Hessell.
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