Cambridge Companion to Jewish Theology

Cambridge Companion to Jewish Theology

Kepnes, Steven

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction Steven Kepnes; 2. What is Jewish Theology? David Novak; Part I. Biblical-Rabbinic: 3. Jewish Biblical Theology Marvin A. Sweeney; 4. The God of the Rabbis Moshe Halbertal; 5. The Theology of the Daily Liturgy Reuven Kimelman; Part II. Medieval: 6. Maimonides' Theology Daniel Rynhold; 7. Law and Order: The Birth of a Nation and the Creation of the World Daniel Frank; 8. The Mystical Theology of Kabbalah: From God to Godhead Adam Afterman; Part III. Modern: 9. R. Kook: a This-worldly Mystic Tamar Ross; 10. Rosenzweig's Midrashic Speech-acts: From Hegel and German Nationalism to a Modern-day Ba'al Teshuvah Jules Simon; 11. Levinas's Theological Ethics Richard Cohen; Part IV. Contemporary Issues: 12. The Holocaust and Jewish Theology Michael L. Morgan; 13. Theology and Halakhah in Jewish Feminisms Ronit Irshai; 14. Jewish Models of Revelation Alan Brill; 15. Jewish Theology of Religions Alon Goshen-gottstein; Part V. Analytic Philosophy and Theology: 16. Can There be a Positive Theology? Kenneth Seeskin; 17. Theological Realism and its Alternatives in Contemporary Jewish Theology Cass Fisher; 18. A Defense of Verbal Revelation: Words of the Living God Samuel Fleischacker; 19. A Constructive Jewish Theology of God and Perfect Goodness Yehudah Gellman.
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