Cambridge Companion to Fichte

Cambridge Companion to Fichte

James, David; Zoller, Gunter

Cambridge University Press






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The first English-language survey of Fichte's philosophy, examining all the central areas and stages of his work.
Introduction Gunter Zoeller; 1. From Kant to Fichte Wayne M. Martin; 2. Fichte and the French Revolution Frederick Beiser; 3. Fichte's explanation of the dynamic structure of consciousness in the 1794-5 Wissenschaftslehre Christian Klotz; 4. The Wissenschaftslehre of 1796-9 (nova methodo) Daniel Breazeale; 5. Fichte's later presentations of the Wissenschaftslehre Gunter Zoeller; 6. Fichte's philosophy of right and ethics Allen W. Wood; 7. Fichte's political economy and his theory of property Jean-Christophe Merle; 8. The Wissenschaftslehre and historical engagement Ives Radrizzani; 9. Ending individuality: the mission of a nation in Fichte's Addresses to the German Nation Alexander Aichele; 10. Fichte's philosophy of religion Hansjurgen Verweyen; 11. Fichte and the development of early German romantic philosophy Elizabeth Millan; 12. Fichte and Schelling: the limitations of the Wissenschaftslehre Sebastian Gardner; 13. Fichte and Hegel on recognition and slavery David James; 14. Fichte's position: anti-subjectivism, self-awareness and self-location in the space of reasons Paul Franks; Bibliography; Index.
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