Cambridge Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald

Cambridge Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald

Nowlin, Michael

Cambridge University Press






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List of Figures; List of Contributors; Chronology; List of Abbreviations; Introduction: F. Scott Fitzgerald: 'A Writer Only' Michael Nowlin; 1. Youth, Maturation, and Adult Sexuality Kirk Curnutt; 2. The Beautiful and Damned and Literary Decadence Kirsten MacLeod; 3. The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald Bryant Mangum; 4. 'The Modern Old Master': Reading The Great Gatsby Again Sarah Churchwell; 5. 'I Was Gone Again': Disintegration, Fragmentation, and the Recovery of Nicole Warren Diver in Tender Is the Night Erin E. Templeton; 6. Fitzgerald's Expatriate Years and the European Stories J. Gerald Kennedy; 7. Legends of Zelda Anne Margaret Daniel; 8. Fitzgerald's Nonfiction Scott Donaldson; 9. Great Art, Small Art, and Modernist Cachet: Reading Himself and His Contemporaries Michael Nowlin; 10. Fitzgerald and Hollywood Tom Cerasulo; 11. Fitzgerald's Cultural and Critical Reputation in the Twenty-First Century Jackson R. Bryer; Select Bibliography; Index.
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