Cambridge Companion to English Dictionaries

Cambridge Companion to English Dictionaries

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Introduction Sarah Ogilvie; Part I. Issues in English Lexicography: 2. How a word gets into an English Dictionary Kory Stamper; 3. Technology and English dictionaries Michael Rundell, Milos Jakubicek and Vojtech Kovar; 4. Diachronic and synchronic English dictionaries Judy Pearsall; 5. Description and prescription: the roles of English dictionaries Edward Finegan; 6. European cross-currents in English lexicography Giovanni Iamartino; 7. English slang dictionaries Michael Adams; Part II. English Dictionaries throughout the Centuries: 8. A dictionary ecosystem: four centuries of English lexicography John Considine; Seventeenth-Century English Dictionaries: Hard Words: 9. Cawdrey, Coote, and 'Hard Vsual English Wordes' Roderick W. McConchie; 10. Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century English lexicography Rebecca Shapiro; Eighteenth-Century English Dictionaries: Prescriptivism and Completeness: 11. Recording the most proper and significant words Allen Reddick; 12. Samuel Johnson and the 'first English dictionary' Jack Lynch; Nineteenth-Century English Dictionaries: Descriptivism: 13. The making of American English dictionaries Michael Adams; 14. The Oxford English Dictionary Sarah Ogilvie; Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Dictionaries: 15. The English period dictionaries Robert E. Lewis and Antonette diPaolo Healey; 16. English-as-a-foreign-language lexicography Howard Jackson; 17. Electronic dictionaries Orin Hargraves; 18. English dictionaries and corpus linguistics Patrick Hanks; 19. Natural language processing in lexicography C. Paul Cook; Part III. Dictionaries of English and Related Varieties: 20. Dictionaries of Canadian English Stefan Dollinger; 21. Australian lexicography: defining a nation Pam Peters; 22. New Zealand's lexicographic legacy John Macalister; 23. Hobson-Jobson and dictionaries of Indian English Traci Nagle; 24. South African English dictionaries: from colonial to post-colonial Jill Wolvaardt; 25. Dictionaries of Caribbean English: agents of standardization Jeannette Allsopp; 26. Dictionary of American Regional English George Goebel; 27. The Scottish dictionary tradition Maggie Scott.