Cambridge Companion to Comparative Constitutional Law

Cambridge Companion to Comparative Constitutional Law

Schutze, Robert; Masterman, Roger

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Theoretical Foundations: 1. Comparative methodologies Ran Hirschl; 2. Constitutionalism(s) Robert Schutze; Part II. Historical Experiences: 3. The United Kingdom constitution Mark Elliott; 4. French constitutional law Denis Baranger; 5. US constitutional law Vicki C. Jackson; 6. The constitution of the Republic of India Anashri Pillay; 7. The constitution of China Qianfan Zhang; Part III. Constitutional Principles: 8. Democracy Paul Craig; 9. Separation of powers Christoph Moellers; 10. The rule of law Andras Sajo; 11. Human rights law Conor Gearty; 12. Federalism Raffaele Bifulco; Part IV. State Institutions: 13. Parliaments Nicola Lupo; 14. Governments Philipp Dann; 15. Administration Susan Rose-Ackerman; 16. Courts with constitutional jurisdiction Cheryl Saunders; 17. Independent fiscal institutions Cal Viney and Thomas Poole; Part V. Transnational Constitutionalism: 18. Multi-layered constitutions Roger Masterman; 19. International constitutionalism Jan Klabbers; 20. European constitutionalism Kaarlo Tuori; 21. A new Commonwealth constitutionalism? Claudia Geiringer; 22. Constitutional transplants Gabor Halmai.
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