Cambridge Companion to Apocalyptic Literature

Cambridge Companion to Apocalyptic Literature

Cambridge University Press






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1. Through a glass darkly: time, the end, and the essence of apocalyptica Colin McAllister; 2. Apocalpyticism as a worldview in ancient Judaism and Christianity John J. Collins; 3. Introduction to the Book of Revelation Ian Paul; 4. The gnostic apocalypses Dylan M. Burns; 5. Exegetic the apocalypse with the Donatist communion Jesse A. Hoover; 6. Tests of faith, rebirth out of corruption or endless cycles of regeneration: experiments in the restoration of the late Roman Empire Brian Duvick; 7. Latin reception of the apocalypse in the early Middle Ages E. Ann Matter; 8. Exegesis of the Apocalypse in the tenth century Francis X. Gumerlock; 9. The end of the world at the ends of the Earth: apocalyptic thought in medieval Ireland John Carey; 10. Byzantine apocalyptic literature Andras Kraft; 11. Joachim of Fiore and the apocalyptic revival of the twelfth century Brett Edward Whalen; 12. Apocalpytic sensibility in renaissance Europe Ian Boxall; 13. 'Pride and vanity of the imagination, that disdains to follow this world's fashion': apocalypticism in the age of reason Christopher Rowland; 14. The formation of antichrist in medieval western Christian thought Kevin L. Hughes; 15. From Dabiq to Jerusalem: trajectories of contemporary Salafi-Jihadi apocalypticism David Cook; 16. American evangelicals and the apocalypse Daniel G. Hummel; 17. Apocalypticism in the contemporary world Lorenzo DiTommaso.
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