Cambridge Companion to Antisemitism

Cambridge Companion to Antisemitism

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Part I. The Classical Period: 1. Antisemitism in the pagan world Erich Gruen; 2. New Testament origins of Christian anti-Judaism Adele Reinhartz; 3. Anti-Judaism in early Christian writings Pierluigi Piovanelli; 4. Church fathers and antisemitism from the second century through Augustine (end of 450 CE) Joshua Garroway; 5. Christians, Jews, and Judaism in the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East, c. 150-400 CE Andrew Jacobs; 6. Christianizing the Roman Empire: Jews and the law from Constantine to Justinian, 300-600 CE Andrew Jacobs; 7. Antisemitism in Byzantium, fourth-seventh centuries Steven Bowman; Part II. Medieval Times: 8. The medieval Islamic world and the Jews Reuven Firestone; 9. Medieval Western Christendom Robert Chazan; 10. Christian theology and papal policy in the Middle Ages Jeremy Cohen;11. Crusades, blood libels, and popular violence Emily Rose; 12. Jews and money: medieval origins of a modern stereotype Julie Mell; 13. Jews and anti-Judaism in Christian religious literature Miri Rubin; 14. Antisemitism in medieval art Debra Higgs Strickland; Part III. The Modern Era: 15. Martin Luther and the Reformation Debra Kaplan; 16. The enlightenment and its negative consequences Alan Arkush; 17. Modern antisemitism in Western Europe: romantic nationalism, racism, and racial fantasies Shulamit Volkov; 18. Antisemitism in late Imperial Russia and Eastern Europe up to 1920 Laura Engelstein; 19. Marxism, socialism, and antisemitism Jack Jacobs; 20. Antisemitism in modern literature and theatre: 20A. French literature Maurice Samuels; 20B. German literature Michael Mack; 20C. English literature Bryan Cheyette; 21. Antisemitism in America, 1654-2020 Jonathan Sarna; 22. Antisemitism in the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich Steven T. Katz; 23. New Islamic antisemitism: mid-nineteenth to the twenty-first century Esther Webman; 24. Anti-Zionism as antisemitism Dina Porat; 25. New issues Deborah Lipstadt; 26. Antisemitism in social media and on the Web Mark Weitzman; 27. Theories on the causes of antisemitism Bruno Chaouat.
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